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    Default How do you set up all your electronics in your car.

    was wondering how all of you have your cars set up with your electronics for your travels.
    i my self have a dash mount for the ipad that hooks to my radio and plays threw the speakers,i use my ipad for gps music and movies just bought a verizon mifi hot spot and havnt found a holder or mount for it yet. usally drive more the 13 hours on our vacations from Dover Delaware to Columbus Ga. im new to this site so just trying to pass time till my vacation starts june 19 lol.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    My set up is pretty simple, a GPS mounted to the windshield via suction cup, and my XM mounted on the dash, connected via cassette adaptor. I've got them powered by a triple-splitter, that gives me room for one additional power adaptor, plus a usb connection to recharge my phone.

    I also keep an inverter in the car so I can recharge camera batteries or a laptop.

    That said, I'm not a fan of movies on the road (certainly not while driving!) and even need to be connected to the internet while moving is an excess that I don't see the need for.

    I suspect you might enjoy looking at the original RTA vehicle - the Phoenix One. A bit outdated now technology wise, but state of the art for its time and still pretty interesting.

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    We have a very simple system. There is only one "power plug" (12 v plug) in our older vehicles, so we are judicious in what uses it.

    When the GPS is being used, it seldom needs to be plugged in. First, we only use it when we are trying to find someplace, not as a navigational system across the country. My husband calls me and my maps, his navigational system. (I've loved paper maps since I was a kid.) We charge it at night with an AC plug.

    Occasionally, somebody's cell phone may be utilizing the 12-v power plug.

    This summer we'll be traveling with a pick-up that has a cassette player. Like Michael's XM, that's how I will power up the old iPod for music, when we want it. No need to take up the 12-v plug there unless I need to charge up the iPod!

    Hubby and I don't believe in TVs, movies, or any form of video entertainment (including the I'net) in a moving car. We just got our first SmartPhone (a Droid), and may have the passenger use that ON OCCASION. But our favorite way to cross country is to talk to each other, and/or listen to music. Years back, one of us would read aloud...but that didn't work after awhile since the main passenger (me) gets car-sick if I try to read in the car for long periods of time. Yet books on tape would not be for us, either -- no one makes tapes any more!


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    Not to hijack the thread, but I have an audiobook solution for you, Donna - use your Droid with your cassette adapter. You can get a player app and audiobooks for it.

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