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    We are planning to drive to Alaska this summer and sell our vehicle and fly home has anyone ever done this?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I doubt anyone on here has specifically done this, although the biggest issue is the same for others who plan to buy/sell a car for a roadtrip: cars are not disposable items, and treating them like they are will cost you a fortune.

    The reality is that under your plan you will have to sell your car by the time your plane leaves, and with that kind of deadline, you'll have to take whatever you can get for your car. Most likely, that means you're going to have to sell it to a dealership for well under wholesale price. That alone is likely going to cost you a couple thousand dollars compared to what you could get selling it yourself when you have time to find a buyer. (Keep in mind, you're going to want to car that is fairly reliable/valuable to make the trip so you don't have to pay for repairs on the AK highway)

    For the sake of this discussion, I'm assuming you are already an American resident and own the car in question. Buying a car is a whole other can of worms if you are not.

    Its certainly not impossible, but there are certainly some downsides worth thinking about.

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    Default Is it the sort of car wanted in AK?

    To add to all which Michael has said, ask yourself, is your car the sort of vehicle which is wanted in AK? On the whole one sees very specific vehicles, suited to the terrain and the climate.

    For this to work successfully, you will need to do a ton of research, which may include finding interested purchasers before you even leave.

    Lifey in Anchorage

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