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  1. Default By car from LA=>LV=>SF=>LA (2 weeks)

    Hi everybody, I’m a foreigner, therefore all advices are welcome.
    May be I need to re-plan the dates or roads, maybe I will miss something what I must see (from your point of view). Please share your ideas.
    Arrive to LA, end of April 2012
    1st day - LA (1 day)
    2nd day - LV (1 day)
    3rd-4th day – trip to Page=> Monument Valley => Grand Canyon Village (GCV) => Hoovers Dam => LV, late arrival (2 days).
    Should I make all the spots or can skip Monument Valley? It makes quit long drive because we plan to stop overnight in GCV?
    5th-6th day – LV (shows & fun)
    7th day – South Lake Tahoe (1day)
    I plan to go from LV with 95 road, later take road 6, and complete with 395.
    Questions: with what road is better to cross Death Valley? does road 6 open? Because before I wanted to cross Yosemite, but as I understand there is no chance due to snow and roads 120, 108, 4 88-89 are usually closed this time.
    Or maybe I shouldn’t take road 6 and drive with 95 till Schurz and take left to South Lake? What I shouldn’t miss on my way?
    8th day – trip to SF
    plan to take road 50 and drive straight to SF, should I stop somewhere to see something special?
    9th -11th day – SF (attractions, walk)
    The main tourist attractions already in the list, what I should not miss from your point of you?
    12th day – trip to LA
    With road 1 to San Luis Obispo (SLO) and after with 101 to LA (Beverly Hills)
    13th-14th days in LA (attractions, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Solvang?)
    15th – flight back.

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    Default Big distances.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It's close to a full days drive from LA to GC Village and another 5 hours back to Las Vegas so with just two days I would concentrate my time at the Grand canyon.

    You more than likely won't be able to cross Tioga Pass [CA120] but you won't enter Death Valley along the 95 or 6. From Vegas you would head to Pahrump and take 190 to 395 via Furnace Creek, but that would be a really long day on the road. You could consider stopping in the Bishop/Lee Vining area and then head to Tahoe and then get an early start on day 9 to SF.

    The distances in the US are huge and although your travel days are doable, you could end up in the car for longer than expected.

    I would also consider stopping along the coast around Cambria and enjoy the really scenic section from Monterey down.

    Your other option would be to go around the southern end of the mountains and head to Yosemite Valley from the west instead of going to Lake Tahoe. Yosemite is one of my all time favourite places and the waterfalls will be in flow, wonderful !!

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    Thanks for comment and suggestions. 8-10 hours drive is fine. When it becomes dark?

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    Default Time from the car.

    You can expect sunset to be between 7 and 8 pm depending on location. Just so you know, if you were to go from LA to Page to Monument Valley and end your day at the Grand canyon south rim you would be on the road for at least 15 hours and that's without much time for sight seeing, just basic stops. It's really not possible and as I mentioned earlier, I think your time will be best spent at the canyon.

    You can get from Vegas to Lake Tahoe, most likely in 9 hours, but if you go through Death Valley and spend a little time sight seeing, it would be more like a 12 hour day.

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    Thanks. I will simplify my trip around GCV and will try with 12 hours drive to SLT.
    I will post my experience after the tour.

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    Default Enjoy !

    If you have any other questions, just ask. Have a great trip and we will look forward to your trip report.


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