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  1. Default One way Trip to Tennessee (any suggestions help)

    Hi everyone!
    this May I will be moving to Knoxville, TN and I'm planning on driving there. According to Google its approximately 2197 miles there, and I would like to make it there as fast and safest possible. My car is in great running condition (just replaced all the tires/brakes) and going to get it a check up/tune up sometime this month. I'm just curious to know if you guys could help me out and tell me what the safest distance a car can travel in one day? My worst fear is that it will over heat or something like that because i kept it running for too long, any other tips will help! Thanks everyone :)

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    Default The Car is Not the Limiting Factor

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Assuming that your car is in sound mechanical condition (and if there are any doubts, have it thoroughly checked out by a trusted mechanic before departure) then it is not going to prevent you from making this trip, or limit the number of miles a day you can cover. The 'thing' that is going to determine that is you. You will get tired and worn out long before the car will. On a long-distance trip such as this you should plan on no more than about 550 miles a day. That is a pace that you can keep up day after day because it allows sufficient time for gas, meal, bathroom, and 'mental health' breaks throughout the day as well as time to relax in the evening before getting a solid 8 hours of sleep and getting up and going the next morning. For a 2200 mile trip that means four days minimum to make the trip safely, and while that will allow for some quick interesting stops near the highway, it will not allow any serious site seeing.


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    Where are you moving from?

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    Awesome! thanks so much for the help, will definitely make sure i don't bite off more than i can handle then.

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