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    I am looking to take the wife on a roadtrip this summer. 10 days or so, we don't really have an exact time table but i would say 2 weeks would be our max. We will be heading out of miami, fl. I am looking for somewhere to go? Last summer we went along the east coast and stopped in savannah, NC, Philly, NY, then came home. So this time i was looking to maybe head in a different direction and possibly go towards New Orleans, unless you guys have better ideas on where we should go. We are up for anything and aren't real picky. We enjoy the outdoors, beaches, history, monuments, parks, museums and good food. Any good recommendations out there? Thanks in advance.


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    It's great that you have so much time for your upcoming trip, and wonderful that you "are up for anything and aren't real picky", but that means that it's essentially impossible to give you any meaningful advice at this point in your planning. Two weeks is enough to comfortably get anywhere in the country east of the Great Basin and back. So, you and your wife are going to have to decide what it is you really want out of this trip and where you really want to go before we can be of significant help.

    If New Orleans has already started to entice you, then one possibility (if this is to be a RoadTrip, rather than just a drive somewhere and back) is to follow the Gulf Coast around to New Orleans, then travel up the Mississippi through towns such as Natchez, Vicksburg and Memphis to Cairo IL, then across Kentucky doing some caving and whiskey sampling, then down the Appalachians through the Great Smokey Mountains and home through the heart of Georgia and maybe the interior of Florida if you haven't explored that area yet.


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    I appreciate the feedback, and I understand what you are saying about being so broad. We are really just looking for some cities or towns to stop in and check out along the way. Especially ones that we have never been to or don't even know about. We are really just looking to explore the country, see new things and have a great time. I'm going to look into those places you mentioned I appreciate it.

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