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Thread: First Time USA

  1. Default First Time USA

    Dear Roadtrip forum
    My name is Lawrence and i live in Belgium.
    I'm glad to find this forum.
    At july we come with another couple for ours first roadtrip.
    We reservations al ready the car, plainetickets and hotels or lodges.
    This is our (FAST) roadtrip.
    **2 nightsLos Angeles - Cecil Hotel (we arrived at the evening)

    **1 night Palm Springs - Travelodge

    **1 night Grand Canyon - Maswik Lodge

    **1 night Monument Valley -goulding's lodge

    **1 night Page - Quality Inn

    **1 night Bryce Canyon - Ruby's Inn

    **2 nights Las Vegas - Hotel Circus Circus on the Strip

    **1 night Death Valley - Furnace Creek Ranch

    **1 night Mammoth Lakes - Sierra nevada Lodge

    **1 night Oakhurst - Shilo Inn

    **3 nights San Fransisco - Harbor Court Hotel
    We know that is a fast tour butt we have only 16 days holiday.
    Soo Shoot
    Thank you

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    Default fine

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think your plan looks quite reasonable.

    The only two minor observations are that you might be a little rushed at Yosemite, and I'd try to stay inside the park if possible. Even if you have to stay outside the park, Oakhurst really is the wrong direction towards SF, so you might look again at Mariposa or Groveland.

    Circus Circus is one of the oldest hotels on the strip, and its also on the far north end, if you shop around you might be able to find a nicer place for a similar cost.

    Otherwise, did you have any question?

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    Default Yep, looks good.

    If you arrive in time to visit Bryce canyon same day, it could leave you a little time to stop at Zion NP and take a shuttle bus into the canyon, stroll along the river, admire the views and maybe get some lunch.

    If you were to do so, and you are planning on driving through Joshua Tree NP from Palm Springs, it would make financial sense to purchase the annual National parks pass for $80 rather than pay individual fees. [GC, Bryce and Zion $25 dollars each. Yosemite, Death Valley $20 each and Joshua Tree $15. Possible Total > $130. From memory, so you might want to check for yourself !

    [Hmm, it would possibly make sense, even without visiting Zion and Joshua tree!!]

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    Hello Midwest Michael
    Thx for the fast answer!
    We take circus circus for only 60 dollar for 2 nights for 2 persons.Thats the only reason we take circus.And its only for sleaping , not?
    We ask at the holidaycompany for another place near Yosemite butt they say that its cost lots more.We pay 100 dollar/night.
    And another reason for Oakhurst is for visite Mariposa grove at the morning.
    After Oakhurst we want drive to Monterey and Big Sur for a fast visitevieuw from the coust.What you think?Is that possible?

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    Default Not to be missed !

    Be sure to take the time to drive up to Glacier Point and take the short walk to the viewpoint. If the altitude doesn't take your breath away, the view certainl will !!!

    Glacier point

    The Photo does not do it justice.

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    No, I really don't think that would be possible, and you certainly could not do that when you are also trying to have time to drive back to the Mariposa Grove before starting out on the road.

    You're looking at 400 miles of driving from Oakhurst to SF via Big Sur, nearly all of it on slow, 2 lane roads. At most, you might be able to make the drive and stay in Monterey.

    Even though it would cost more, I'd still try to stay in Yosemite, considering how time is at a premium on your trip.

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    Thx Dave .Great idee!
    We stay de night before at Mammoth Lakes.
    Early in the morning we want to drive to the tiogaroad.Take a vieuw at the lakes , than to the Yosemite valley for a picture of the el capitan en half dome, en then we go to glacier point.Is thats posible in one day ?We don't want to do big tracks.

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    Thx Michael.
    We must take choises.
    Morning after Oakhurst go to Mariposa Grove and then immediatly to San Fransisco.
    Or Oakhurst -Monterey -17miles drive-San fransisco and skip Mariposa Grove.
    Is it possible in our daytour after Glacier point for to visite fast Mariposa grove?It's only for seeing BIG Sequios?

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    If you are staying in Oakhurst, the Mariposa Grove is on your way out of the park from Glacier Point - so if it's still early enough you can of course see it.

    Take the Tioga Road into the park, then go down into the valley. From the valley, you take 41 through the tunnel, the Glacier Point road is right off 41. Returning to 41, the Mariposa Grove road is just before you exit the park. From the park exit, it's about 30 minutes to Oakhurst. It will be a bit rushed, but this can be done in one day.

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    We shall see go much time left.Thanks for the answer.
    Another question we had is : We booked a night in Palm Springs.The next stop is in Grand Canyon NP.In google maps you see thats 7 a 8 h drivingtime.If we departed early (6a.m.) in PS , we drive to Oatman(litle vieuwstop)Than drive to kingman en seligman , can we see the sunset in GC?

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