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    Default Texas to California

    Hello, my husband deployed to Afghanistan in October about a week and a half after we got married. Hes due back stateside in late May. Once I leave Texas, California will be my home for possibly the next 15 years. So, my mom and my 14 yr old sister are coming on the drive with me. This is most certainly not my first rodeo with this trip, but Im trying to make it a fun road trip experience for them. How much ahead of time I can leave before his homecoming is flexible so time really isnt a huge factor, but I was hoping for no more than a week. I usually take I-40 all the way to California Then take the smaller highways to Camp Pendleton, which is in Southern California, about an hour and a half north of San Diego. My route is also flexible though. I dont really know a whole lot of what is on the way, so any tips or suggestions are welcome!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you are used to I-40, then perhaps you know some of the many attractions right along the route, like Cadillac Ranch, Painted Desert/petrified forest, and sections of old route 66. Of course, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas are just a short drive away, and with some extra time, you could quite easily detour up into some of the other parks of the 4 corners area, like Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, or Zion.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum and a big "Thank you!" to your husband for his service!

    The first thing that pops into my mind when I see that somebody is heading along I-40 in Arizona is to suggest taking the detour up to the Grand Canyon. With extra time available, I think of Zion and/or Bryce Canyon as potential options.

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    I have heard of the Petrified Forest and I intend to stop there for sure. I looked into the Grand Canyon and Vegas, as well. The others I have not heard of though. I lovelovelove the desert and I take a million pictures while Im in AZ so Im sure the Painted Desert would be something Id like to see!

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    Zion and Bryce are both in southwestern Utah. If you took US 89 to get up there (from I-40 at Flagstaff), you'd also cross Lake Powell.

    To get to Camp Pendleton you're either going to take I-15 or I-5. It's only about an hour north of San Diego, though, unless of course you head north during Rush Hour!


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    And Zion & Bryce are both canyons? Ive never heard of those. And I know five millions ways to get to Camp Pendleton. I prefer going through Indio, Escondido, etc. for the more scenic route.

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    If you haven't even heard of Bryce and Zion, then I'd strongly suggest you spend a little time looking at the national parks website. Its got a ton of information about those parks, as well as at least a dozen others that could easily be worked into your trip that might be of interest to you.

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    I'll definitely check that out! Thanks!

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    Default New Route from Tx to South Cal

    Hi, I made a post earlier about going to Southern California from Northeast Texas for my husbands homecoming from Afghanistan. My mom and 14 year old sister are riding with me and I wanted to make the trip a little more interesting for them as this will be one of the last trips we'll make together for quite a while. I got alot of good ideas for places to visit along I-40. But I feel like changing my route up and possibly going a completely different way. Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base is my destination. I dont mind the desert, canyons, etc. And I love the mountains. I dont have any complaints about Arizona. But New Mexico really bored me to tears. I love taking pictures of anything and everything so scenery would be wonderful. Any alternate routes or just suggestions of what would make New Mexico a little more interesting would be wonderful! Making this trip in mid-May, by the way.

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    Default Loops in Phoenix?!

    Hello, Ive posted about this trip before and Im about 2 and a half weeks from go time. Im coming from Northeast Texas and will be going to Oceanside, Ca. Which is in South California on the coast. About an hour from San Diego. My uncle was a truck driver for 20 years and he suggested I take Interstate 20, Interstate 10 and then get on a loop that goes arond Phoenix and get back on Interstate 10. Ive looked at my maps and all kinds of maps on the web and cant seem to find such a loop. If anyone knows of this loop hes talking about, any info would be great. Also, Im a little leery of this route because it comes incredibly close to Jaurez. The suggested route from all the maps on the web say to stay on Interstate 8 and go into California. And 8 goes through 'Mexicali'. Im just nervous about this because of how bad I hear the border towns have been lately. Any advice? I also am bringing my mother and 14 year old sister along.

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