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    Default Sprinting to Colorado, tips for short trips?

    So me and my two friends are cadets at the US Military Academy, at West Point, NY. This summer, as part of our yearly military training, we'll be training with the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, outside of Colorado Springs, CO. While most cadets are flying from NY to Fort Carson and other forts across the country, we want to Road-Trip it. Unfortunately, we only have 4 days to do it, so we'll really be "sprinting to Colorado." Right now we're planning on driving 7-9 hours a day and spending a night in a different city before arriving at Ft. Carson.

    Our tentative itinerary

    Day 1: West Point to Cleveland
    Day 2: Cleveland to Indianapolis
    Day 3: Indianapolis to Kansas City
    Day 4: Kansas City to Colorado Springs.

    I know this sounds like a blistering pace, but we're all young and eager to hit the road and see the country. I'm just hoping for some feedback on sites to see along the way or any general advice for what to see with half a day in each city. Thanks!

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    4 days from West Point to Fort Carson is not bad at all with 4 days, but you don't have much slack at all in there to do much sightseeing. Those 3 stops make sense - or somewhere near each city, I don't think I'd want to stay downtown. If hotel costs are an issue, stay in motels at Interstate exits away from the cities. I'd play it by ear - use those 3 cities as daily "goals" and get at least that far, preferably farther. Heading west, it's best to stay west of large cities so you don't have to fight rush hour getting out in the morning, you will be going the other way.

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    In Indiana, if you can make it to Terre Haute, then Kansas City would be an easy job the next day. Then aim for Lawrence or Topeka the next day.

    For the record, my husband and I went from central NJ to Springfield, OH one day last summer, then from Springfield to central Missouri. Both days were right around 500 miles, if I recall.

    The advice to stay west of a city, when heading west, is excellent.


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