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    Hello everyone,
    I have been reading these forums for a few days now and have learned quite a bit about traveling that I never thought about. I thought it was about time that I created an account so I could get some input about my specific situation.

    I have been in school now for 5 years and am finally finishing up. I feel like in the last 5-7 years, I have done nothing but sit at a computer or at a desk doing work and I am in need of the outdoors.

    I am from Blacksburg, Virginia. My girlfriend and I will be taking this trip, possibly another couple could be joining us but I am planning like it is just us two for now. We will be taking the dog with us. We are both finishing up school this semester and will be starting "real" jobs in the fall. (School teachers) I feel like this might be my last opportunity to do something youthful and impulsive. (even though I am planning it)

    I have no desire to go to a specific location, but I will tell you some interests of mine to help with suggestions.
    -I enjoy history and sightseeing historical landmarks.
    -I have always lived in the mountains and like a variation of landscape.
    -I like to camp.
    -I am very familiar with Southwest Virginia, so I would like to branch out from here.
    -Budget isn't an issue but like anything in life, cheaper is better.
    -14 day maximum and 7 day minimum

    So to sum it up, We would like to take a camping road trip to somewhere. I would probably want to do a hotel room every other night for her sake, but if good facilities were present at the camp grounds, I could go for camping the whole time.

    I appreciate any input from you all and I hope to spark a new annual vacation other than a beach trip!

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    I think we have decided to have our end destination as Niagra Falls if this helps any, so how would you all suggest we route the trip to hit some scenic areas while casually making our way there because it is only about a 10 hour drive from here, straight shot. I would prefer to make it like a 16 or 18 hour drive while stopping and enjoying our stay at various campgrounds on the way.

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    Default Camping in the northeast


    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Excellent work in your first post -- We so love when members articulate what kinds of things interest them.

    Congratulations on the pending graduation. These suggestions won't be linear or as organized as you seem to be....

    So, starting at the terminus -- here are some tips for enjoying the less visited points at the Falls.

    oops I have to drop out for now -- back in a few hours.

  4. Default Awesome!

    Thanks for the link! Exactly what I needed for when we get there. Are there any other suggestions on places to stop/stay/enjoy/shop/eat/hike/any other action that can be done and will be fun? -referring to on the drive to and from the falls.

    Thanks again,

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    Two other places on the site to do some reading...

    Road trip routes in the mid-Atlantic states and the Northeastern states -- skim for general ideas.

    (and now I really do have to go for a bit)

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    Default Getting on Track Here!

    More ideas, I just did a simple route from Blacksburgh, Virginia to Niagara Falls and used the "Find Roadtrip Attractions within 100 miles of the route" -- it follows. Zoom in and click on the icons, see if any of those places interest you:


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    If you like history, I'd take a more eastern route either on your way there or back. You could go through Fredericksburg, Manassas, Antietam, and Gettysburg. These areas are really good for history, and most of the battlefields have very pleasant areas for hiking/walking around too.

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    Thank you for the replies.
    We plan on coming back through D.C because my brother recently moved there and hitting Suffolk, Va on our way back because that is her home town.

    I am just really unfamiliar with the North and wanted to figure out where to stop/stay on our trip to the falls. I believe we have decided to stop in Erie, PA for a night or so unless someone has a better suggestion on the Ohio/PA side of Lake Erie. I'd like to camp on the lake if possible but I'm not really sure what areas are the best. If anyone has been to these places and could paint me their picture, I would love that.

    We are really simple people. We could pinch a tent in the middle of times square, on mars, or in north dakota and we would find satisfaction at either place.
    I'm not looking for anything special, just something other than a school book or a computer.

    Update: Recruited another couple to go with us!

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