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  1. Default Need advice on Dec trip around AZ and NM

    My fellow forum folk,
    Need your help please
    We are an Aussie family of 2A and 2 teenagers looking at a road trip around AZ and NM in Dec this year. Plan to fly into Phoenix around 16th Dec and need to be back in Los Angeles around 27th Dec. So would have about 10-11 days available
    We have previously done an RV trip of the west coast and "northern" parts of AZ (including the GC) and Utah, NM in Sept/Oct about 3 years ago and enjoyed it immensely.
    This time would like to see areas around Sedona, Tuscon, Tombstone and possibly spending Christmas at the GC before going back to LA.
    Not sure if this time an RV or normal vehicle (like a small SUV) would be the better option. Have been watching the temps and I would think that the RV (probably Moturis) is going to have to be winterised before we leave Phoenix so somewhat defeats the purpose.
    On the other hand I'm a bit concerned about having to find suitable accommodation each night.

    I have this recurring concern about being stranded without accommodation on the side of a very cold road at night.

    Appreciate your help,

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    Default Not likely!

    Hi, and Welcome to the The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    Let me put your last concern to rest. The chances of being stranded without any accommodation are virtually zilch! especially in December - in the off-season. There are many, myself included, who rarely book any accommodation in advance. That said, if you want accommodation in a National Park, it is virtually essential to book ahead. As it would be in NYC and Chicago, over holiday weekends, and similar.

    As for your other queries, I am not familiar enough with them, so will leave them up to others to respond.

    Lifey in Melbourne

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    You will have no problem whatsoever finding accommodations each night, and I would not recommend a RV in December.

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    Thanks Lifey,
    I had thought that December was the typical peak "snowbird" season down that way but looks like it's more after the Christmas/new Year period. Thanks for the feedback.
    BrisRV in Brisbane

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    Thanks GLC, appreciate the feedback. We really do enjoy the RV lifestyle etc but I think I have now settled on the car/motel option in this case.

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    Snowbird season in CA and AZ starts to trickle in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, with the vast majority of snowbirds arriving after Christmas. Still, if you're concerned about having a place to stay someplace, what we've often done is to call on the morning of planned arrival and make a reservation then. We also do that if we're going to arrive someplace very late.


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    Default Snowbirds and Such

    The thing about our snowbirds is that they come year after year and their stays are measured in months, not weeks. So they aren't taking up motel space. They more typically have their second home here or bring their own mobile homes. While winter is peak tourist season in this area, that mostly affects the resort communities and even they seldom fill to capacity - they just charge more. The only time during the winter that you have to worry about accommodations in southern Arizona is in February during the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show which draws people from all over the world and perhaps during the run of La Fiesta de los Vaqueros (our annual rodeo).

    Besides Tombstone, a partial list of the attractions here in southeastern Arizona would include Saguaro National Park, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Kartchner Caverns, Chiricahua National Monument, and Fort Bowie.


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