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    Hi everyone. I'm looking for advice and recommendations. I'm planning to deliver a friend's car from Washington DC to Sat Lake Utah and fly back. I need to do this in 6 days max in early March. I hope this gives me enough time to avoid the interstates and enjoy the trip. Any suggestions on the route and best detours or stops (towns, eats, scenery) along the way would be greatly appreciated.

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    You don't have too much extra time to play with - if you were to take Interstates all the way, you would be looking at a 4 day drive. You are also looking at the possibility of weather delays in early March, especially in the mountains. Flexibility and keeping a time cushion would be recommended.

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    As pointed out by glc, you've got to hang onto a day or two for delays. Interstates are the first priorities when it comes to weather: last closed and first reopened.

    As for a route -- I'd go I-270 up to I-68 to I-79, then grab I-70 as far as Indianapolis. There, catch I-74 through IN and IL where it connects you to I-80. Then take I-80 across. That would eliminate turnpikes.

    If you don't mind Turnpikes ... catch I-270 up to I-70 where it's PA Turnpike, and take I-70 west to Indianapolis. Then follow the above directions (I-74 to I-80, and across).


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