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  1. Default Summer Roadtrip - Minnesota to ???

    We take a road trip each summer, this year around the middle of June. We're looking to go someplace about 1-2 days away (let's say total driving time about 12-14 hours) and spend 2-3 days and then head home with a hotel stop back. We aren't road trip campers, mostly hotels.

    In the past we have done: Mt. Rushmore (our rookie year), Dallas, Madeline Island, WI, St. Louis, Mo. & Mammoth Caves, KY last summer (LOVED it!) We haven't really planned it this way, but every trip did involve a stop at a National Park, it would be nice to continue the tradition if possible.

    For our family, the destination is not as important necessarily as getting range from 12 on up...

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    Pennsylvania comes to mind -- about a 2 day drive with things to do along the way. Once in PA, there are SO many things to do and places to see. As for a national park, I don't believe there's an NP in PA, but there are some historic sites (such as Gettysburg).

    That's just one idea, though. Another one would be Colorado, also about a two day drive with loads of things to do (including Rocky Mountain National Park, Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, and much-much more!).


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    Teddy Roosevelt NP in western North Dakota jumped out as a spot you might like, I'd also take a look at Michigan's Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in the UP and/or Sleeping Bear Dunes on the east side of Lake Michigan.

    Colorado and PA are both good ideas, but they would be a bit farther than you've done in the past. Still doable in 2 days each way, but your total driving time would be up closer to 18-20 hours. If that's workable for you, you might also look at Yellowstone.
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    Default I'll second PA.

    Further to Donna's suggestion of PA.... there is Rt 6 in PA.... as the brochure says, not so much a route, as a destination in itself.

    The Allegheny National Recreation Area near Warren, may not be a NP, but is none-the-less a great place. There is the Grand Canyon of PA, a little further along Rt 6, and every so much more to see. You never need to go very far, in PA.

    I guess it depends on where in MN you are starting. From St Paul, it is an easy two day drive (if you can avoid the worst of Chicago traffic).


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    Thanks for the tips...hadn't really thought about PA as it is a tad further than I wanted to drive, but I'll keep it in mind for the future. I'm digging the idea of the dunes in MI as well as North Dakota. My hesitancy about ND, is if there is actually enough for us to do when we get there.
    Does anyone know of cool stuff to do in Nebraska? Is it worth contemplating as a destination?
    Thanks to all who contributed...if you have any other ideas, please keep throwing them out.

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    Default The two Ns - North Dakota and Nebraska.

    There's lots in ND, I loved the place. But then, I do love the wide open plains and the great distances. US2 across ND is a lovely road to drive. There is the geographic centre of North America in Rugby, a lovely little town. Great little visitor centre with lots of local stuff. All those little towns are worth stopping in, and spending some time to see what they have. Many have galleries of local arts and crafts. Others can direct you to local natural attractions they treasure.

    And then there's the geographic centre of the United States, 20 miles north of Belle Fourche. Because it is in a remote area, on a farmer's property - though easily accessible - they built a fake one at the Visitor centre. It is just great to check out these local points of interest, which very few ever see.

    Similarly, in Nebraska, there are the long distances, the wide open spaces and the gently undulating terrain. Such a serene State. In Alliance there is Carhenge. Near Kearney you have the covered bridge over I-80. And in Sidney Cabella's Head Office. Worth checking out, even if you can't afford to buy there. I'm sure there is much more. It is amazing what you discover when you just hit the (minor) road with an open mind, to see what's there.

    I think the trick to enjoying and appreciating a place is to be there, and never compare.


    Edit: Sorry, the centre of the United States is in South Dakota, north of Belle Fourche. Got my two Dakotas mixed up. LOL
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    We had fun checking out the Oregon Trail sites in Nebraska this past summer when we drove through. Chimney Rock, Courthouse & Jail Rock, Scott's Bluff. These are all along Scenic 92 in Western Nebraska. If you're willing to go a bit further just into SE Wyoming, there's a great place where you can see the trail ruts carved into stone. Guernsey State Park in SE Wyoming is really nice, too.

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