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Thread: NY to AMERICA?

  1. Default NY to AMERICA?

    Hi i'm new to this forum. my Relative and I are getting ready to see the rest of the US.
    I have never traveled outside my state. we both have about three months to hit the road and see all that we possibly can.

    we were thinking of heading south on the first of March and then across to California. Then north to Washington and some sort of zig-zag back to NY by the end of May in hopes that the US will be warming by the time we are headed back. so we can really take in the Northern states.

    any and all suggestions/feedback would be great. really wanna see nature as well as some touristy have-to-sees. but mainly nature.

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    Default Sounds like fun !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Quite some adventure for your first time out of State ! You certainly have a nice amount of time to do a loop around the country.

    At this stage I would suggest you get a good wall map of the USA and use RTA as a research station and see what appeals to you. Once you start getting a few dots on the map you can find the best way to join them up while picking up other places of interest. We can help to fill in the blanks and answer any specific questions you might have but for now it's a case of working on it. 'Up top' in the green tool bar you will find many planning resources including the Map centre where you can plan routes and find attractions, and remember, planning is half the fun !!

    Heading out at the beginning of March is fine, but if you have the option of putting it back a Month, it's something I would consider. Some mountain areas do not always get out of winter mode until well into May, for example if you wanted to visit Yellowstone NP.

    As your planning unfolds and questions crop up, just ask

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    Default a blank slate

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you are interested in nature, the first place to start looking is at the national parks system. There's a couple hundred places to start with there, but then you can also expand into National Forests, BLM Public Lands, and State Parks and Forest. That brings the list of interesting natural features into the thousands.

    Of course, the great thing is that nearly all of these sites are listed on any good map. That will give you some great ideas as you start figuring out your route. The RTA Map Center can also add to it, by coming up with more "touristy" things you might be interested in.

    Once you start narrowing down some of those thousands of things into the places that are priorities for you, then we can help you put everything together and offer some additional suggestions.

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