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  1. Default Very first road trip - Delaware to Nevada mid-January

    I was hoping for some advice for my first road trip. I accepted a job in Reno and my training starts the 22nd of January. I have to arrive in Reno no later than the 21st, though earlier is better. How much time should I be leaving myself for this trip? As much as I'd love a scenic trip, I have a deadline to make it there AND I'm travelling with my two cats. Also, what route is best to take and what alternatives are available if weather should get in the way? I've been advised I-80 all the way there by friends. I'll be driving an 09' Toyota Corolla. Should I have chains and know how to use them just in case? I really have no idea what to expect out there, I've never been anywhere but the east coast! Thanks so much I really appreciate it!!!!! :)

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    There really is no "best" route - it's all dependent on the exact conditions at the exact time of the trip. However, the most efficient route with good weather (dependent on where exactly in Delaware you are leaving from) would be to get to the Baltimore or DC area, then I-70 to the PA Turnpike, then the toll roads to I-80. This is approximately 2700 miles and would be a 5 full day drive. This would be on the road 10 to 12 hours a day including normal rest, fuel, and food stops.

    I would allow at least 2 extra days if possible, and if the weather is bad enough to require chains, you should probably get off the road and wait it out. It's a lot easier to waste some time than to try to make it up. It would not hurt to have a set of cable chains with you just in case. Once you are living out there, they may be handy if you want to go up into the mountains to go skiing or whatever.

    2 hotel chains that are pet-friendly are Motel 6 and La Quinta. There are others, but you would probably have to do a bit of research with each property.

    If you take the toll roads and have an EZ-Pass, it will work in all the states you cross - PA, OH, IN, and IL.

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    Thank you! This is all very helpful! I'm definitely planning to leaver much earlier now. My brother volunteered to drive with me, so I'm hoping this will help with time as well. Also, any tips for going over the mountainous areas? Thanks again!!! :)

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    There are not really any "severe" mountains along that route, but if the weather is iffy, I'd recommend that east of Salt Lake City, you take I-84 to I-15 to return to I-80. This will bypass a rather notorious mountain called Parley's Summit.

    The stretch of I-80 across Wyoming is prone to high winds and black ice - I'd keep a close eye on those conditions - will be your best source. If all you have is a smartphone, they do not have a mobile optimized site but the text reports are readable if you zoom in.

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