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  1. Default Ca Bay Area to Denver Move in Jan...Advice please

    Moving to Denver from San Jose, Ca in January..because that sounded like a good idea?? We will be driving a moving truck and towing a car. Looking for easiest/safest route for that time of year. Not sure if we can make it spending only two nights in hotels. Looking at stopping overnight in Winnemucca and Green River if going I-80 to I-70 route. Anyone have any advice or better idea?
    Oh yeah..we have two dogs and 3 cats traveling with

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    I don't see where I-70 would be part of your travel plans. You're basically looking at I-80 all the way to Cheyenne and then I-25 down to Denver. The only possible 'shortcut would be US-287 from Laramie to Fort Collins, but I really wouldn't recommend it in a loaded truck. The Interstates are built to specifications that limit grades and cures. They are meant to keep the big rigs moving and would be your best bet by a large margin. In addition, they receive the first and greatest attention from plowing and salting crews in the event of bad weather. I would suggest that you make your second overnight stop in Evanston rather than Green River to more evenly space out your driving over your three days. That would mean you'd only have to make about 425 mile a day. There are several motels from the national chains there, but the Hampton Inn and the Holiday Inn Express do not take pets. Speaking of the critters, I don't know of too many moving trucks that have room in the cab for you and your menagerie. How are you planning to deal with that logistical problem?


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    If you are driving a moving truck and towing a car, plan out your overnights no more than 500 miles apart. That will be at LEAST 3 days. Now - as for the "best" route, it all depends on the conditions at the exact time of travel and you need to keep several options open. Both I-80 and I-70 have stretches that are known to be bad when the weather isn't cooperating, and getting off the Interstates isn't always a good idea either. Hopefully things will be relatively clear when you go. For performance reasons, I highly recommend you get a diesel truck - loaded gas trucks can't get out of their own way climbing the grades at the altitudes you will encounter.

    2 dogs and 3 cats could be a problem with hotels. Even the "pet-friendly" chains may have a problem with that many animals, and expect to possibly pay a huge deposit/surcharge when you do find hotels that will allow them. This is something that will need to be planned in advance by calling individual hotels (not the central reservation number) to determine their policies.

  4. Default Super Bad Map Reader Response..

    Hi AZBuck and glc!

    Thanks for your reply! I did mean I-25 down from Cheyenne. Not looking too good that I can't even read a map that well! Oh boy.. As for the pets, we are following the moving truck in a SUV. That will be the "pet-mobile" if you will. I'll probably keep at least one dog in the truck at any time to help with space in the SUV. Still trying to figure how to get a hotel to let us stay with all the pets. If anyone knows any insider info, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Not Green it. Adjusting the handy-dandy AAA map now...

    Thank you all for your input! Any other helpful tips for this trip would be great as well!

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