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    Default Driving from Las Vegas - Flagstaff or Monument Valley and then Albuquerque 27th Dec


    Please could someone give me some idea on driving conditions in or around the 27th Dec 2011. Have good experience of driving in winter conditions in Europe, but would ideally like to try and avoid any possible snow. We are heading for Texas, but want to visit either Flagstaff or Monumnet Valley and then on to Albuquerque, Roswell and down into Texas.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Welcome aboard RTA!

    Unfortunately, none of us are weather forecasters, so predicting weather that far in advance would be impossible. One suggestion would be to make a plan for a route you'd like to take, but have extra days in your plan in case you get holed up somewhere along the line. The US interstate highways are kept open as much as possible, to allow commercial trucking to get through. I-40 through Flagstaff does get up to 6900' elevation, and Albuquerque is at 5000'. So they do get snow.

    The two-lane highways aren't plowed and sanded as often or as quickly as the freeways are, though if they are US highways they have a slightly higher priority than county roads.

    Get a good map - - plan your route -- then have an extra day or two in your plans in case you get holed up someplace.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It is absolutely impossible at this time to say what weather conditions might be on a specific route 2 months from now. Basically, there is a chance that you could see snow, a fairly good chance really, but beyond that you are at the mercy of specific weather forecasts which can't know until just a couple days before your departure date.

    There is no route between Vegas and "Texas" (a target that's bigger than most European countries btw) that is immune from winter weather, so basically you have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    FWIW, the most logical route to Monument Valley actually goes through Flagstaff.

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    Default Update

    Thank you for all the responses. I realise that it's a couple of months away, but not knowing the area I thought I would ask what to expect and whether the roads are passable if heavy snow is down.

    I will of course check the roads a few days before and before setting off on the 27th.

    Many thanks


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    The route to Flagstaff is I-40, and as with all interstates they get priority for plowing in the event of a storm. However, if conditions are extremely poor, they will temporarily close the highway until they improve and can be made passable again.

    Note, this is true for basically your entire trip, as snow is the biggest concern in the higher elevations around Flagstaff, but you've also got the danger of ice storms as you head into West Texas and the Southern Plains.

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    Perfect advise, thank you. Will definitely keep an eye on the weather right into Texas. Are the roads close often around Flagstaff in late Dec?



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