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    Default Lincoln Highway-From Times Square to Joliet

    My wife and I just returned from driving the eastern 1/3 of the Lincoln Highway starting at Times Square in New York City and ending at the points that it intersects with old Route 66 in Plainsfield, Illinois.

    Earlier this year, we did the western 1/3 going from Lincoln Park in San Francisco.

    The eastern section is totally different from the western 1/3. The is constant traffic from Times Square to just west of Philadelphia. For the most part it is totally developed with very few open spaces. The road "27" is two lane most of the way with stop lights on every corner. This 150 mile stretch too almost 8 hours to drive and that was with few stops. The main one was at Princeton University to see the Revolutionary War monuments.

    From Philly west, there were open spaces interspersed with small towns with the highway going through the downtown in each. This made for very slow travel. West of Gettysburg, the open spaces increased dramatically. The leaves were just starting to turn in the Alleganies. Even met one hiker who was doing a southbound hike of the AT at the crossing in Caledonia State Park. Next came Amish country (it is actually Amish and Menninote).
    There is a small jog down into West Virginia just west of Pittsburg. It best claim to fame here is the world's largest teapot.
    The very well kept farms and colorful barns were numerous and a sight to behold. A warning...if you stop at an Amish store, insure the items were NOT made in China. Amish food is without equal but be sure it is home-made in a smaller resturant for the best stuff...the shoofly pie and Dutch Apple are the best if served warm.

    In eastern Ohio was the cheapest gas along this section of the road. I paid just under 3.00 per gallon. Be sure to fill up in this region. Still more Amish farms...and this hold true all the way across Indiana too. Just west of the Illoinis state line, fill up with gas and be prepared for heavy traffic again all the way to Joliet..very slow moving.

    Considering the location and the population in the east, this section is lovely and a true experience to be lived. Just do not try to be in a hurry. It is slow. It took us 5 days to make this segment of the Lincoln Highway but with many stops to view the scenery and soak in the atmosphere. Would recommend it if you have the patience for the traffic. At least from Philly west, it would be a great trip to make even a second time.
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    What an interesting report, on a road I am looking forward to driving. My type of roadtrip.

    Was looking for a report on the western third. Did you write a report after that trip. I was not able to find one.


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    Default Nice report

    Thanks for the report! In the picture of the "Historic Road Alignment," I noticed the "state flowers" - construction barrels - as present as always.

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