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    Default What do you think of this Top 10 list? Names America’s Top 10 Downtowns
    Cities cited for vibrant nightlife, independent restaurants, family-friendly options and thriving small businesses

    In order:
    Indianapolis, IN
    Winston-Salem, NC
    Burlington, VT
    San Antonio, TX
    Savannah, GA
    Louisville, KY
    Fort Worth, TX
    Chattanooga, TN
    Eugene, OR
    Franklin, TN

    The article does encourage me to go and check some of these places out!


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    Default Limited Recent Experience

    Actually, I'm a bit surprised at how few of these cities I've ever spent significant time in. I would certainly agree that Burlington belongs on any such Top Ten list, and I'd give Eugene a qualified acknowledgement as well. Beyond that I have no real personal experience. What they all seem to have in common is that they are smaller to mid-sized cities (with the notable exceptions of Indianapolis and San Antonio) that have well thought out and executed pedestrian malls in the downtown area. Others that I would consider for this designation include Boulder CO, Austin TX, Portsmouth NH, Portland ME, Salem MA, and St. George UT among others.


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    Default Not enough traveling for me!

    I've spend some time in all of them, but not enough to really comment in the last decade or so. There are dozens of towns that I like around the country. I think I'll work on my own top 10...


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    Default Encouraging

    If nothing else, it gives me an incentive to take a trip up to Burlington, VT sooner rather than later. I haven't poked around the city proper in several years now.

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