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  1. Default Detroit to Central Florida avoiding Major Freeways

    We are planning a trip from Detroit to Central Florida and are pulling a small travel trailer/camping along the way. Time is not an issue, but we would like to avoid major freeways (as much as possible). Anyone who has made a similar trip, or has a map to share, or any ideas, we welcome your input!!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    When are you planning to make the trip? That might help us to make suggestions. Also, how long do you have to make the trip, and is that one-way or round trip? That will also help us.

    Just a word of caution, though ... you posted this in Fall-Winter Roadtrips, so I'm thinking you're going to do this in the colder weather. Be aware that some campgrounds and RV parks, particularly those in the northern areas, will be closed for the season. :-( You'll also need to be cognizant of the winterization of your TT while you are traveling. (Though in Central FL, you shouldn't have any issues.)


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    Default Dixie Highway

    One option would be US-25. On the way, you'll pass by the original Kentucky Fried Chicken in Corbin, KY. The Cumberland Gap is also on this route - be advised that US-25 splits into US-25E and US-25W. To get to the Gap, you want to take US-25E.

    You'll also pass through the Great Smoky Mountains on this route. There are some sections that share an alignment with I-26 in North Carolina.

    Are you looking to meander on your trip, or are you not planning on taking any side trips?

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    Default The Other Consideration

    While I very much appreciate your desire to want to skip the Interstates and travel the 'back roads'. You also have to consider all the other people you will be sharing the road with. Trying to cross mountains, even the relatively low Appalachians, while pulling a trailer is a recipe for clogging two lane, winding roads, blocking other traffic, and being on the receiving end of some less than friendly waves. For that reason, and so that you can enjoy your drive, I would strongly suggest that you try to stick to four lane divided highways wherever possible, and especially through the mountains. Fortunately, this is quite possible in the Midwest and South where such roads are fairly common. Take a look at US-23 down to Asheville NC, US-25 from there to Greenville SC, and then use US-123 to cut back west to US-441 down into Florida.


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