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  1. Default New York to LA in May

    Hi all,

    My husband and I have decided to road trip the US in May. We are thinking of doign 3 days in NYC then hiring a car (convertible??). The places/sites we want to go to/see include: Washington DC, Nashville, Memphis, Austin, the Alamo, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and LA.

    We have 3 1/2 weeks to do this, and don't mind the occasional extra long drive to fit in more days in a better location.

    Can anyone tell me if they think this is do-able and also give any tips as to places we should see along the way!!

    Thanks so much!!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You could complete a drive between those points in about a week, so having 3 and a half weeks should make for a very nice and comfortable trip.

    There are millions more things you could do, and it would be tough for us to narrow them down without knowing a whole lot more about you and your interests. However, this site does have lots of tools to help you find those things, with the map center being the perfect place to start.

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    Thanks Michael,

    We are just pretty excited about going to the US. We definitely want to see the main sites in Washington DC, Graceland in Menphis, the Alamo, Grand Canyon, and whatever else is fabulous along the way. We want to spend 3 days in NY 2 days in Las Vegas and 2 days in LA so I suppose that only really gives us 2 weeks to do the driving.


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    Default Get a good map.

    One thing you may find very useful, is to get a good sized map of the USA, and as you work your way through all the attractions etc. in the map centre, start putting post-it notes or marking them on the map. There is nothing like having the overall picture, and seeing where all the alternatives routes are. You will soon discover in which areas most of your interests lie, and these are the areas to focus on.

    You do not mention Washington DC in your post, and I wonder if you know just how much there is to see there. Even if you only visit the Smithsonian museums. Also, if you are going to rent a vehicle from NY, you may like to check out renting from NJ. It can be significantly cheaper.


    Edit: OOOooops! my mistake, I see Washington is on your list. :)
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    You may want to take the train from NY to Philadelphia, spend a day or two there (optional) then a train to DC - and rent the car there. Having a car in NY, Philly, and DC is a liability, traffic is terrible and parking is frightfully expensive. Public transportation is good.

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