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  1. Default From I-80, how do i get to Mt. Rushmore and then back to I-80?

    Hello everybody.

    It looks like I'll be driving west on I-80 from New York to California in October. Can anyone tell me the 'best' way to get from I-80 up to Mt. Rushmore and then rejoin I-80 further westward? In other words, instead of simply retracing my northbound route on I-80?? Thank you.

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    Actually, the 'best' way is not a simple "up and back" jog from I-80 to Mount Rushmore and back. Rather, assuming that you want the route that adds the fewest total miles to your trip. you should leave I-80 at Chicago and follow I-90 instead up through Wisconsin and then across Minnesota and South Dakota to Rapid City. After visiting Mount Rushmore, you'd head south on US-16A to SD-87 and US-385 (Passing wind and Jewel Caves) and finally US-18 which puts you on I-25 (north!) near Ammon, WY. At Casper, use WY-220 and US-287 to rejoin I-80 at Rawlins.


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    Unless you want to visit the caves, I would take SD-244 west out of Rushmore to US-16 to Custer, then SD-89 to US-18. 16A is a very winding, slow road.

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    GLC's route would be a bit faster, but I have to say that Buck's suggestion would take you along one of my favorite scenic routes in the country. US-16A (Iron Mt. Road) from Rushmore and down into Custer State Park. Among other things, it will give you some great views of Rushmore from a distance.

    GLC's route would take you past the Crazy Horse memorial. And actually, Neither of the above routes would take you to Jewel Cave which is west of Custer on US-16. However, that is another possible route you could consider, taking US-16 to Newcastle WY, then head south on US-85 to rejoin the other routes.

    BTW, going to Rushmore is going to add about 200 miles to the direct I-80 route. Not a big deal, but that is going to mean at least another half day on the road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    ... 16A is a very winding, slow road.
    But a most enjoyable drive. Don't rush it. I agree with Michael, it is a much more scenic route.


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