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  1. Default San Fran to Vegas via Yosemite in 2 days - where to stay along the way?

    Hi! We are travelling late November and have 2 days to get to Vegas. We really want to see Yosemite, but it seems that some of the roads will be closed? Does anyone have any advice on the best winter route to take, and where will the best place to stay be? We are thinking Fresno at this stage but ideally we are after just a good mid point place to stay so we dont overdo the driving.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The road closure that will concern your trip is Tioga Pass, which closes for the winter typically in late October or November. By late November, it will probably be closed, which means you will likely have to go around the Sierras via the Bakersfield area.

    If that is the case, Fresno could work as an overnight, although, I'd probably try to stay closer to the park in say Oakhurst, so that you aren't too rushed in Yosemite. As it is, you'll only have half a day there, so I'd want to have as much time as possible to enjoy it.

    From Oakhurst, you can still make it to Vegas in a long day on the road. In fact, I'd even look at staying right in Yosemite, as you can still make that drive in a day.

    Now, there is a chance if we get a late winter, and Tioga might still be open, so I would keep your plans somewhat flexible so you can take advantage of that very scenic route if it is still open during your time of travel.

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    I agree that keeping your options open would be the best way to play it. It's possible that Tioga pass might be open and it's also possible that winter weather could cause disruption and possibly close other roads, or you could be required to carry snow chains.. Hopefully the weather will play it's part and give you access to this great NP, but on the other hand, with your limited time you might not want the hassle of gearing up with chains if the need arises.

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    Thanks for the advice :)

    How long would it roughly take to get from Yosemite to Vegas? Actually, staying in Yosemite might be a goer and esp if the roads are still open so we would kick ourselves if we pre-booked a hotel along the way in Fresno!! Plus I take it the weekend after thanksgiving will be generally busy so our initial plans to 'wing it' may not work in our favour! Thanks again!

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    Yosemite Village to Las Vegas via Bakersfield is about 500 miles, and will take you about 10 hours. Via Tioga Pass and Death Valley, it's 425 miles, and again, at LEAST 10 hours. Either way, it is a LONG drive for only one day.

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    I would allow for at least 9/10 hours to get between the two, either way. If Tioga is open and you head across Death valley, you could easily add a couple of extra hours for sight seeing.

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