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    we have already done two wonderful road trips in the US, both were in September. We spent 2 weeks going from Boston to Bar harbor and coming back via inland New Hampshire. The second time we did San Francisco to Monteray and back via Yosemite. Both were much helped by advice from this forum.

    Next year we are torn between doing a trip south from boston - Martha's Vineyard etc, or a trip from Pheonix or Las Vegas to San Diego taking in Death Valley, Palm Springs etc. We enjoy sight seeing , a bit of walking, vineyards and food.

    Are these trips do-able in two weeks (judging by the length of some of the trips in this forum the answer must be yes) and which would would people recommend (I do appreciate this is a personal thing) but any advice would be v welcome.



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    Default You hit the nail on the head.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You hit the nail on the head when you said "I realise it's a personal thing", because it really is a decision only you can make. I've actually not been East yet, as it's the west that appeals to me the most at this point, so I can't begin to help you decide.

    What I would recommend you do is search around the forums and check out the road trip planning pages above and decide for yourself which it is to be this time, because there is almost alway's a next time. Have you checked out other possibilities before narrowing it down to the 2 options here ? From Vegas you could hit up some of the wonderful NP's of Southern Utah [Zion, Bryce canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonlands] and check out Monument valley, Grand canyon, Hoover dam etc. You could start 'in the middle', say Denver, and explore the wonderful Alpine scenery of the Colorado Rockies and then perhaps on into Utah.

    Once you have decided and have got a couple of dots on the map, we can help fill in the blanks for sure.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Default Now for Something Completely Different?

    Since you've already done the east coast (Boston and northern New England) and the west coast (San Francisco and Yosemite) why not travel through a different section of the country? Given your interests in sight seeing and short walks, I would think something like a loop that included Denver, Yellowstone, Salt Lake City and Zion/Bryce and Arches National Parks would be doable in two weeks. It would introduce you to some sights that you haven't seen and can't be seen anywhere else. And September (if you choose to come at that time of year again) is a near perfect time to see these areas. You can use Denver, Salt Lake City, or even Las Vegas as your gateway city, wherever the flights and car hire work out best for you.

    Another couple of possibilities that you should at least look at include the central Mississippi River valley (although that tends to be more an historic or literary trip) and the southern coasts (both the Atlantic and Gulf).


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    Default The Dilemna!

    Of course they are doable, and both are worth the time you like to spend doing a trip. I like the way you spend two weeks in areas which most folk pass through in a couple of days. You obviously have a relaxed style of travelling. Something to be envied.

    But as for east or west? Best thing you can do is plan two trips. I could not choose one over the other. They are like cheese and chalk, there is no comparison. And of course, as pointed out above, there are dozens more options you could choose from. But of the two you mentioned.... best do one next trip, and the other the following trip.


  5. Default thanks

    Thanks folks, I do realise it was an impossible ask but you have given me some ideas. Will come back when I have a couple of dots to join

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