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    Has anyone any reviews on the Photograph America Newsletter

    There are over 100 newsletters, each 12 pages long that suggests places in America which are good from photography point of view.
    Wondering if anyone has subscribed to it or has bought it and could provide some reviews before I buy it. Its about $130 for all 100 newsletters or $8 for single newsletter.
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    Default Wouldn't be for me.

    I have not subscribed, and personally never would. That's not to say it is a good or a bad Newsletter, I know nothing of it.] There are many great travel guide books that will cost a lot less and will be informative of the area and give you an insight to what the place is like. While on the road the photographers eye will spot many great phot opps. Once you are there you can look around for your own idea of the 'perfect' shot. As with the road trip, it's an individual thing, a personal achievement and to make your own route and find your own images is personally satisfying. To roll up at a location and snap the same shot as many other photographers have taken just wouldn't be the same for me personally. Of course, if it works for you and you get the right feedback, that's different.

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    Default Marginally useful reply

    I have purchased similar booklets in the past; but not this particular series.

    If you're a serious photography buff, with limited time in an area, I suspect the insights as to where the best locations are and when the best lighting conditions are for these locations will save you some time.

    I would never base my shoots entirely on these, but as a supplement to your trip planning they may be a good idea.

    Beach and State Park below Elk Cove in on the Mendocino coast (for no particular reason)

    Photo: Don Casey

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