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    Hey everyone! Found this website looking for trip ideas, and decided to start my own thread. Me and some friends are planning to take a trip of about 6 days in November, and are unsure of good destinations during this time. We are from the Tampa Bay area in Florida and are interested in traveling north of here. I had the idea of traveling to Washintgton D.C., as we have yet to see the Capitol. I also wanted to take a day to travel to New York City since we'd be relatively close. We'd go straight there, so as not to take time from our true destinations. However, this is a very long round trip, and we are all around 20. Meaning none of us have a ton of money, and although I have no doubt we could save up for this trip, we are trying to save. We have also considered traveling to Tennessee. Does anyone have any suggestions of cool or interesting places to visit within a decent distance?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are literally thousands of destinations and attractions discussed in these forums and the regular contributors have been to thousands more. So sure, we could start throwing out places we've visited and liked at random and eventually we might hit on something that appeal to you. But without any indication of your interests other than one possible destination which has the sole stated attraction that you haven't been there, such an exercise would be mostly a waste of time. You and your friends need to sit down with a good map and discuss where you want to go. If Washington/New York is within range, then anywhere along the Gulf Coast, east of the Mississippi, or south of the Great Lakes is within range. I hope you can appreciate what an impossible question you've asked, and that really Step 1 is up to you and your friends. We'll be far better to help you once you've done that.


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