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    My husband and I would like assistance to plan a road trip from New York through Long island then up coast to Provincetown, Cape Cod and islands, then on to Portland and maybe as far as Bar Harbour before returning to Boston. WE are from brisbane Australia aqnd it will be our second trip to US. However we have not travelled this way before. All advic provided to give us a taste of this beautiful area will be much appreciated- where to stay, routes to take, where to stop etc. WE will only have five days unfortunately between NY and Boston and we plan to leave NY 1st oct 2011. Many thanks

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Five days may be a bit of a tight schedule for this trip, if you are planning on seeing both of the islands off of Cape Cod. Perhaps one or the other would be better suited to your schedule, considering you want to also head up to Maine for a little bit.

    Were you considering taking the ferry from Long Island into Connecticut (New London)? Here is a link to one - I've not traveled via this ferry before, and there may be others.

    You will be traveling in what is considered "off season" for this area, so prices should be a bit more reasonable than what they otherwise would be during the peak of the summer travel season. That noted, this overlaps somewhat with the foliage season which can see a spurt in tourists to the area. Your most likely options for the mainland would be hotels and bed and breakfasts. I don't know if you were planning on staying the night on one of the Cape islands or if just going for a day visit.

    US-1 and I-95 are the primary routes along Connecticut, Rhode Island, and into Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. US-1 travels into the towns and cities along the route, meaning that it will be slow going. I-95 can also be slow going at peak travel times (rush hour) but would be a better option if you are looking to travel greater distances. On Cape Code, US-6 is the main highway and will take you right into Provincetown.

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    I agree with Mass_Tim that you are going to be on a tight schedule. I would absolutely drop one of the major Massachusetts off-shore islands due to cost and time constraints. Actually I'd probably drop both and instead spend a day on Block Island, in the state of Rhode Island. The ferry you want from Long Island to Connecticut is the Orient Point - New London Ferry. You can catch a ferry to Block Island from either New London, CT or Point Judith, RI. The problem with Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket is that they are very popular, and require both that you drive to and on Cape Cod which is also very popular (lots of traffic, and expensive). You would then also pretty much commit yourself to driving through or around Boston which can be a very busy drive. If, instead you see Block Island (leave the car on the mainland) you can then use I-495 to swing well around Boston up to Portsmouth, NH and on ot Maine. If you find yourselves short of time, consider Pemaquid Point (south of Damariscotta, ME as a substitute for Bar Harbor, and Cape Ann (north of Boston) as a substitute for Cape Cod.


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    Thank you Tim. Is there bus trip this way?

    Also would you recommend going to Bar Harbour. On the route where would you recommend we stop for the night?

    Many thanks again for your input- it is greatly appreciated.

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    Thank you AZ Buck. Where would you recommend we stop for the night? Also would you recommend any bus trrips this way?

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    If you plan to get to Bar Harbor by the end of your second day, you should get past Boston by the end of your first day. That way you are not trying to drive through or around Boston during morning rush hour. Since most of the places you want to see on the drive up are south of Boston, especially the off-shore islands, this will make for a very hectic first day of your drive. Another reason to drop Martha's Vineyard and/or Nantucket and substitute a short visit to Block Island. I used to live in the Portsmouth, NH area and so don't have a lot of expertise in the lodging options, but you should generally be looking to stay somewhere between Boston and Portsmouth.

    While not a bus trip per se, while you're in Boston you should look at taking tte Duck Boat tour.


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    Default I'll second that.

    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck View Post
    While not a bus trip per se, while you're in Boston you should look at taking the Duck Boat tour.
    Yeah! make sure you take the Duck Boat Tour. It is a great tour with informative commentary. And there's nothing like seeing a city from the water. It's like seeing Perth from the Swan, or Melbourne from the Yarra, or Sydney from the Harbour.... or even like Amsterdam from the Canals, etc. (If you have ever done any of those.)

    There is one of those buses in Boston where you get a commentary and can hop on and off at designated points. Can't remember the details. In Boston parking is such a nightmare and horrendously expensive. I only ever take the train.


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    Default Not to mention Boston drivers

    Quote Originally Posted by Lifemagician View Post
    In Boston parking is such a nightmare and horrendously expensive. I only ever take the train.
    There are very few places in the U.S. or Canada I refuse to drive. Boston is one of those places. The streets are confusing, the traffic is terrible, the parking expensive, and the drivers are either suicidal or homicidal (varying from person to person).

    The T, in contrast, is wonderful.


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