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    Default question about planning software

    Hey there,

    Does any of you recognizes the software that was used to make this:

    I hope you can help me. The uploader of this video hasn't been online for a while...


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    I'm not sure - I'm not a video editor person - could be AfterEffects or Final Cut or similar.

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    I'd agree, its doesn't look like planning software, or anything like that. Its just someone who made presentation using a video editor that happens to have a roadtrip for its topic.

    I wish we could help, but it really looks like something where you need to find a site that focuses more on video production.

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    Ok. :)
    I found a couple of software programs that can help you make a short movie about the route you are gonna take. Thought this was some sort of an advanced program.

    Thanks for your answer!
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    Don't quote me on this but I believe the software is IMovie. IMovie comes standard on all newer Mac computers. It is Apple's version of Windows Movie Maker. I have a Mac and i'm pretty sure I've seen this. Actually, take that back. i know I've seen this because I remember thinking how cool it was. Hope that helps or you already found what you were looking for.

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