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    Default Winter trip Va. to Fl. problems

    Hi, I am from Australia and am doing a 2 month road trip in a rented 23'" rv with my 2 sons (19+17) to fill a 25 y.o. dream. Unfortunately this has to be done in Dec/Jan. We will pick and return the rv in Washington DC. We want to do the civil war battlefields then slowly make our way south to Florida with a run back to Washington DC in late Jan to return the rv. My problems are. 1 .How much do I have to worry about the freezing of the water/grey water/sewerage tanks as the hire company web sites mention this happening with dire and costly results,how cold does it have to get for this to happen and is it likely be that cold on my trip? 2. Is two months at this time of year too long for a my planned trip.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any replies thanks to you in advance.
    Cheers Brian

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    That is a very big concern, and frankly, I'd suggest that you not even attempt to use the water tanks for a trip at this time of year.

    Basically it only has to get below 32F/0C for it to be a potential problem, especially because the areas where you are most likely to have severe damage are the lines and hoses, where you'd have a relatively small amount of water that will freeze easily.

    Its a near certainty that you'd be seeing below freezing conditions for pretty much any part of your trip that isn't in south Florida.

    The other thing you may have issues with is the availability of campsites. Many facilities will simply be closed for the season, so it will require a fair amount of advanced planning simply to find available places to set up camp.

    Your trip can certainly be done, but traveling at this time of year, especially in an RV, will be a bit more challenging.

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    Thank you for that info Midwest Michael I will now completely change my trip and do car hire with motels in the colder states just not as much fun. We don't have winters like you do and therefore forget how cold it can get.
    Cheers Brian

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