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  1. Default From LA to Chicago

    Looking for advice on a trip from LA to Chicago. Not really interested in site seeing as much, just about getting there in one piece and quickly.

    How long should I plan for this trip? Starting early in the morning day each day, are there natural stopping points each night (ie, how far should I be after day 1/2/3 etc)? Are motels generally around $100? Or cheaper?

    Any advice on which route to take? I've heard the Rockies route isnt as good as the Route 66 route? Or is that wrong. Again, I dont really care to sitesee that much (though it'd be cool to see the grand canyon and some other major spots). I'll be taking an old Honda Accord, if that makes a difference, and the timing will be end of August/beginning of Sept.

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    Default Your choice.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The quickest route would be I15/70/76/80/88 according to my mapping program and would take 3.5 to 4 days at a reasonably comfortable pace. 'Natural stopping points would be around Richfield UT, East of Denver CO, Omaha NE and on to Chicago. Of course every one's tolerance levels vary, but that would fit in with our recommended 500-600 mile a day for multi day trips and 9 to 10 hours a day on the road with appropriate rest stops and to fill with gas etc, with a slightly shorter run in to Chicago.

    I40/44/55 would also be a viable option and the extra hour or so would be negligible over this distance. If there is something that appeals to you on a specific route [Grand canyon for example] then you should opt for that one. Route 66 has been largely replaced by Interstate and only small [and sometimes difficult to find] sections exist. I 70 is regarded as one of the [if not 'the'] most scenic Interstates in the US.

    You should find a room well within the $100 range, particularly near Interstate exits. You can look at the RTA 'Reservations' link above and get a good idea of prices. Try and stay to the East of any major City to avoid the morning rush traffic that will be mainly heading into the City in the opposite direction of you.

    If you could spare a little more time and do some sight seeing, you could turn your journey into an adventure.

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    Thanks for the response. Good point on the just east of cities point. I never thought of that, but definitely worth doing.

  4. Default LA to Chicago next week - Outlets?

    Planning on going from LA to Chicago next week via I-40 (dont really want to go up and down the rockies if I can avoid it). Wondering if there are any good outlet shops on the way? Want to pick up some nice dress shirts or something, if possible.

    also, I'm Going solo. I'm looking at Albuquerque, NM and Tulsa as stopping points, with Tulsa-Chicago being the last day. Is that too much each day? I think I could be okay going 12-13 hour days. For reference, I've done Dallas-LA in two days before (stopping in Albuquerque)

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    Default Not Likely

    Shopping recommendations really aren't our thing, but it really doesn't matter. With only three days, you don't have time for the over 2100 miles you need to drive, let alone shopping. Three back-to-back-to-back 700 mile days is simply impossible. How did you feel when you got to Dallas? Ready to get up the next morning and do it all over again? And stay alert? And safe?


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    You are looking at over 2100 miles, which would be a REAL grind trying to do it in 3 days solo. You would probably be pretty useless the next day, so why not take a 4th day?

    I've done Dallas to San Diego in 2 days, and never again!

    There's an upscale outlet mall outside of Chicago in Aurora - it's at I-88 and Farnsworth Avenue.

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    With the amount of time you are considering to do this trip in, I presume you are not in a truck and/or towing ? You are adding over 100 miles to the journey to avoid the going "up and down the rockies" where you only have enough time time to stick to Interstate. Interstates are built with gradual curves and gradients and should make no difference to you in a car. If you are in a truck, you will need even more time than previously mentioned.

    Have a safe journey !

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    Take the advice that the guys have given you: don't try to do 700 mi+ in a day if you can possibly help it.

    Albuquerque has loads of decent hotels to stop at, but it's well over 750 mi from LA to Abq. If it were me, I'd stop in Gallup or Grants. If you must do Abq the first night, you'd almost have to make the OK/MO border the following night to get to Chicago the 3rd day.


  9. Default

    Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll take the extra day.

    Sorry for starting another thread, I couldnt find my original for whatever reason.

  10. Default i-80

    So I went to AAA today to triptik my route, and the guy recommended I go through SLC on the i-80, rather than go through Colorado on the i-70. He didnt really seem to know what he was doing, so curious as to what that route is and why it isnt mentioned more on RTA for West coast to Chicago routes?


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