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  1. Default SFO to Portland - what are the 4 best things to see and how to best break it down?

    Hi Everyone!

    I and a couple friends will be travelling to the west coast for the first time, so decided to start with San Francisco (visit a few days) and the roadtrip to Portland Oregon, which we planned to do in about 4 or 5 days.

    We have a place booked in Mendocino after leaving SFO which gets us a few hours further north. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best things to try to see and best places to stay when we travel furhter north on the way to Portland? From Mendocino we will have about 3-4 days to make it to Portland. I was thinking a night in Eureka or Crescent City to see the Redwoods, then on to Crater Lake the next day and stay around there (any suggestions?). I don't really know what would best.

    If anyone has done this route in about the same timeframe (4-5 days), I would love to hear from you! Any suggestions will be a great help!


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    Default Good job.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    A common theme here is that we don't do 'best' as it is an individual thing, and the only 'best' is the things that appeal to you and your friends. As you have a list of places that appeal [a great list IMO] you have a good start. From Crater lake you could head up through the Mt Hood area to the Columbia river gorge into Portland.

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    Default Oregon Coast

    With the time available, you would probably have time to travel some of the Oregon Coast, along 101. Definitely a great trip.

    Why don't you check on a paper map, and look for the scenic routes. They are usually marked with a dotted line along them, or on some maps they are hilighted. And Oregon is not short of scenic routes.

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