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  1. Default Can you camp in a minivan in most state parks and RV places?

    I was thinking of converting my Honda Odyssey 2004 into a sleeper for two. I would put screens on the front windows and something to sleep on in the back, maybe some curtains. Not a huge "conversion."

    But I was wondering, do most places care if you are actually sleeping in your car as a camper in say a state park? Do you have to have a popup or a big camper?


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    Default Yes you can, and many do.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    Yes, of course you can, and many do. During my last trip of some five months, I spent more than half the nights sleeping in a minivan. A mattress, sleeping bag and pillow, and curtains on the windows. I had acquired some dark fabric, which I put up each night with the small velcro dots stuck on the fabric and the inside of the van. Worked perfectly well. I stopped referring to my vehicle as a minivan, calling it my camper instead. Along the way I met many who had similar setups.

    I often booked into sites with power, so that I could plug in my extension cord. Together with a four plug power board, I was able to charge my phone, computer and camera and at the same time, plug in a single globe (with protective shield around it) for light. I also used this at times for my sandwhich maker, when I felt like a snack.

    At other times I made the most of Truck Stops which make RVs welcome. They have an area set aside where you can park. Because they are mostly 24 hour operations, they are secure, well lit, and have folk coming and going all night. The sound of all the activity, never bothered me. You have full use of their bathrooms, eat in their restaurants, pay around $10 for a shower, use their wifi (sometimes free) and fuel up, before setting out on the road again.

    Adding it all up, it will be less than the cost of a site at most campgrounds.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    State parks and most campgrounds it won't be an issue at all. Afterall, in nearly all places you can set up a tent!

    The only place it might be an issue is an "RV Only" park, and even there I doubt it would be a problem, but you'd have to check with the specific campground for their policy.

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    I was thinking of converting my Honda Odyssey 2004 into a sleeper for two. I would put screens on the front windows and something to sleep on in the back, maybe some curtains. Not a huge "conversion."
    This brings back fond memories of our old 1969 Dodge Van. We built a bed in the back with storage below, put curtains on the windows and my husband, myself and our first son camped in it for two years until our second son came along and there was no room for all four of us!

    I've seen people pull into a campsite late in the evening and just sleep in their reclined seats. The important thing is to make sure to know what the park rules are about camping. Some state parks don't have camping and others will tell you you have to camp in a designated campground.


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    We did that with our Honda Element. My recommendation is just to try it out at home before you go. We had some unexpected issues, especially trying to keep screening on in the wind. But it was far easier and more comfortable than a tent.

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