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  1. Default 7 Guys in a bus for 2 months...around America

    Hey there,

    So we are a crazy group of Canadian guys fresh outta university and have recently bought a 1990 Ford Econoline 350 shuttle bus to travel in for the next 2 months come September. The plan is to leave from Vancouver and go east from there, and do the east coast and continue around mainly coastal areas and dip in where we feel fitting. Just wanted to get some insight on experienced travelers that have completed this sort of trip, or who could offer up some useful information about routes to take, things to see that people wouldn't normally thing of, or anything else of that nature! Feel free to reply on here

    Thanks for any input, it will be greatly appreciated
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    Default Things people wouldn't normally think of

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    By far your best start would be to get the maps of the provinces and states which you think you will visit and pass through. Or a good road atlas. Lay them out, check them out, then go online and do your research and put some dots on the maps of the places the seven of you agree on (that will be a challenge!). Many attractions and all parks are shown on good maps, such as from CAA. The dots will then lay out your route.

    When you have that done, and can give us some idea of the things which interest all seven of you (another challenge. lol) come back and the experts here will help refine your route and fill in the blanks. But the basics need to come from "a crazy group of Canadian guys".

    Quote Originally Posted by 7dudes1bus View Post
    ... things to see that people wouldn't normally think of ...
    Well for starters, even if we knew them, once they are on the internet, they will no longer qualify. The crowds will flock there. You just have to realise that these are the discoveries you make along the way, as you set out exploring your country and the US.

    Have you ever thought of getting in the bus and heading for the horizon? You would be surprised what gems you can chance upon, if you keep your eyes open and your mind alert. When in any location, talk to the locals, and ask them what it is that interests them most. What do they value. And go check it out. No knowing what you may see. Then come back and tell us all about it.

    Enjoy your adventure and your new found freedom.


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    The single biggest thing you need to do in you planning is work in a ton of "personal" time, where the group can break up and people can do their own thing.

    Having 7 people crammed into a single vehicle for 2 weeks is a challenge, trying to do it for 2 months will be a huge test of your friendships, and honestly, if you all come out still being friends at the end it will be quite impressive.

    I know, you're the best friends in the world and nothing would ever change that (or insert similar story that is always said before a trip like this), but roadtrips are far more stressful on a friendship than even living together, and there is simply no way that all of you will agree all the time on what to do an what to see. Building in lots of time for each of you to go your own way is really essential for this trip to be a true success.

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    Default Practice run and planning meeting ?

    Here is a guide and a fun way to open discussions about compatability and then build the trip from there.

    If you have an option to do a trial run before the big trip, I would definitely take it and use it as a learning curve. Even 2 nights in a local campground would help. You might discover you have 7 can openers, on the other hand you might discover you don't have one at all. How much luggage space can each traveller be allocated. Is there going to be one or two people who can't afford to join in certain activities and what will the 'knock on' effect of everyone's enjoyment be if that is the case. As Michael mentioned, it will be a huge test of resolve, patience and friendship and thinking things through together as a group prior to leaving will help enormously. A weekend camp would be a great place for these discussions and it can be fun.

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