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  1. Default our version of the grand circle

    hello everyone.
    We plan in september a trip to the States.
    We have been to the States many times but this trip I could/would welcome some advice.
    Starting in Las Vegas, we would undertake the following route.
    We have three days in Vegas but then we would like to

    drive to Bryce Canyon
    then Arches NP
    then Monument Valley NP
    then Page (lake Powel and the horseshoe bend)
    then Zion NP
    back to Vegas

    A nice loop I think.

    Like I said we have seven days for this on top of our 3 day stay in Vegas.

    I was wondering if it is doable.

    In a great country like the States it is normal that any trip will involve some driving.

    I m just wondering if my little version of the Grand Circle would not be too much driving in those 7 days.

    Thank you in advance for your help

    ps. we did the Grand Canyon last year so that it is why I did not include it in my current travel plan


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    Default Looks good.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think your trip plan will work out nicely, as long as you don't mind keeping on the go. The drive is very relaxed over a week, but you have some wonderful places to visit. From Bryce I would recommend that you take scenic 12 through Escalante to Torrey and the 24 past Capitol Reef NP and Hanksville. You might be able to squeeze the scenic drive in at Capitol Reef and/or visit the Island in the sky section of Canyonlands NP. A drive down to Grandview point and a short walk will reward you with some breathtaking views. On the way you could stop at Mesa Arch for some wonderful views of the rock formation, like the 'Washer woman'.

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    Thank you for the input Southwest Davy.
    I incorporated your ideas in our trip.
    Your tips are very usefull will surely be worthwile.

    Can I ask another question please? Is lodging on this trip we planned ok?

    Normally in the Sates if you don't feel like driving anymore, there always something very close by.

    Is this also the case for the route we had in mind?

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    Default Either way.

    You won't ever be that far from lodgings and you shouldn't have to many problems finding a vacancy somewhere travelling in September. Having said that, when I am on a bit of a 'whirlwind' tour, where I have to keep on track with time and don't want to spend valuable time looking for suitable lodgings, I like to pre-book. That is just a personal preference when on a tight schedule and there are no 5/600 mile days of travelling involved. Many others like to keep an open itinerary and that generally works out fine too.

    You could always use the 'Reservations' link above to search lodgings and if you don't want to book, just make a note of motels and numbers of those that suit you and your budget and call ahead from the road. You can of course just put in town names and lodgings into your search engine for price comparision and other options.

    For Bryce canyon, 'Rubys Inn' is in a great location, but you will find cheaper in Tropic. Moab has the main lodging options for Arches, but again a search will bring other results. 'Gouldings lodge' is popular for Monument valley and that is an area I would want to book in advance as options are limited close by. Page again has good options and for Zion NP, I would look for lodgings in the wonderful town of Springdale, unless of course you want to stay inside the park.

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    Thank again Southwest Dave.
    Your input is really super.

    The scenic drive (I found a website about it: and your tips about the lodging are worth a lot.

    We will go in early September.

    Do you think the weather will be ok?

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    Default A great time to travel. [fingers crossed]

    No matter where in the world, we all know the weather can be unpredictable. September/October is my favourite time of year to travel and all being well, you will have clear blue skies and warm to hot days. Elevation plays a large part and you might experience chilly/cold nights in Bryce, so I would pack some layered clothing as you can see big contrasts in temps. With less crowds, nice temps and Fall colours it doesn't get a lot better !

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    ok thanks Southwest Dave.
    Your feedback means a lot.

    We choose September for the twice the bonus
    Good weather and less crowd.

    The States is a great country. Go USA.

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    Default You are welcome.

    If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. If not, have a great trip and please drop by and share your trip highlights with us on your return.

    Have fun !

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    Hi Southwest Dave,

    I had to make some adaptations to our trip cos we are meeting some friends.

    No major adaptations but I would your feedback on it

    Las Vegas to
    Bryce then take the scenic route 12 but in Hanksville take the 95 to end in Bluff.
    After that the rest remains the same.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Default Can you confirm ?

    Starting in Bryce and ending your day in Bluff would work OK. If you are OK on time you could head South on 261 from 95 where you will find the 'Moki dugway' [a search will reveal all] which won't add much time.

    Are you now skipping Arches NP ? And I am presuming you are stopping the night in Bryce ?

    In Bluff you should drop in to the 'Twin rocks trading post and cafe' for a look around.

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