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  1. Default Heat Wave Driving--Is it safe?


    This is my first road trip (already begun) and I'm excited and nervous! My mother (of course) just complete freaked me out because she sent me an email saying that she's worried about the heat wave. My trip is planned to be this:

    Richmond, VA (a couple days ago)
    Asheville, NC (yesterday and today, leaving tomorrow)
    Nashville, TN (3 days)
    New Orleans, LA (2 days)
    Austin, TX (3 days)
    Carlsbad, NM (2 days)
    Santa Fe, NM (5 days)
    Taos, NM (7 days)
    Boulder, CO (3 days)
    Omaha, NE (2 days)
    Iowa City, IA (1 day)
    Chicago, IL (1 day)
    Pittsburgh, PA (1 day)
    Philadelphia, Pa (1 day)
    home to RI!

    The days are guesstimates. I'm going to be with friends until Austin, but will be travelling alone (with my dog) until Boulder then meeting up with friends again for the rest of the trip. My mom has freaked me out because she said that I don't know what I'm getting myself into between Austin and Taos. She thinks there will be no cell service, deserted roads, and that the heat wave will put me in danger. What do you experts think? Oh, I also had my car checked by a mechanic-friend before I left and had new tires put on my car.

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    Default Mothers are like that.

    You are very lucky that you have a mother who cares about you that much. Make sure you keep her informed... every day! Deep down you seem to already know that she does not have a great deal to worry about, but that will not change her.

    Make sure you carry and drink plenty of water, and drive safely.


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    Default Reassure her.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Yes it is safe, but as Lifey mentioned above, it's a mothers 'job' to worry. Unless you decide to go 'off roading' you won't be on deserted roads and help will never be far away, should it be needed. The people who live, work and travel through the region have to deal with the heat and go about their daily lives, and most likely think little of it. Keep mum informed of your progress, and let her know you are fine as you go, just use common sense and you will be fine.

    Relax and enjoy the trip !

  4. Default Thanks!

    Thanks, guys! You're right. I thought she was overreacting, but it's nice to hear from veterans such as yourselves!

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