I am French girl who lives in NYC for the moment and I plan a road trip New-York - Miami for my last month in the US,
We want to leave NYC on the 17th of July and so I am looking for people who could be interested in to join us.
We are doing the roadtrip in 12-15 days stopping by the main and interesting cities on the way and trying at the maximal to stay along the seaside as the weather would be very warm in July.
Atlantic City, Washington, Virginia beach, Charleston, Orlando, Cocoa Beach, The Bahamas, Keywest... then I will stay in Miami Beach for the 2 first weeks of August, and I already have some free accomodation for us on the road.
I am then looking for 1 or 2 other roadbodies with a driving licence and if possible in the same ages (25-35);
We are 3 people with a car.
Are there any takers!!