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  1. Default Thinking About Going Round the Coast - How Much Roughly with Plane from England?

    I had a dream last night that a friend took me and another friend away with her to France (not too unplausable as she has a house there) and I woke up really wanting to travel for my 21st Birthday in 3 years.
    My friend, Kim, and I were talking about doing a Road Trip across America but we're going to University possibly in September for 3-4 year courses, so it'd be my 21st. I was thinking we'd stick to the coast mainly, starting from about NY and perhaps ending up in Seattle if not Canada.
    I was thinking we'd rent one of those caravans you drive (not sure what they're called) and staying a little bit in certain areas, e.g. NY, Florida, LA and Las Vegas. There'd possibly be another person depending on who we met at Uni as Kim can't drive and I don't think it'd be a good idea for me to drive the whole way.
    So we'd cook on board and that and buy one way tickets to NY and from wherever we decide to go home from. So how much roughly do you think it'd cost?

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    Default Three years to make it come true

    That is a wonderful dream, and I'd like to think that it will come true. With three years to plan, there is no reason why it can't.

    Travelling by RV or Motorhome (which is what the caravans you refer to, are called) is an oft discussed topic on these forums. You will find a great deal of information, if you use the search function (on the green bar above) and put in 'RV' or 'Motorhome'.

    Suffice to say that travelling that way is not a budget choice; more of a lifestyle choice. But hey! you have years to figure this out. So start reading and informing yourself. And start saving! No knowing what the costs will be in three years time.


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