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  1. Default 3 month Road Trip from Vancouver to San Diego

    We're finally taking our long talked about time out. Kids have fled the nest and its now our time. We're planning on visiting family in Vancouver for a couple of months and then want to take a road trip down the west coast of America for about 3 months and then onto Buenos Aires for 3months. Looking for tips for our drive down the west coast - suggestion for places we could stay for a couple of weeks at time, places we should see. Also re transport would it be better to buy a car at start of trip and sell at end, and if so can we get insurance. Any ideas would be welcomed.
    We are coming from Dublin, Ireland.

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    It's going to be almost impossible buying a car in the US as a tourist on the visa waiver program - but I understand it may be easier in Canada. However, where are you planning on selling it? If you try to sell it anywhere except Canada, you are going to have issues with "importation of a car with the intent to sell". The easiest thing to do is take the bus to Seattle, rent a car, and drop it off anywhere else in the US.

    However, this may be a possibility, and they happen to be based in Seattle. You still can't sell it outside the US.

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    Default Think carefully

    Hi, and Welcome to the RTA Forums.

    The link glc posted, appears to be the best way to go, and it appears insurance should not be a problem. However, weigh up carefully what you are doing. In a rental car, you are covered for all roadside issues, accidents and breakdowns. With your own vehicle, you could be off the road for days / weeks, if not longer...

    From the feedback received here, and from those who have done their sums, it appears that three months is about the break even point when comparing rentals to buying. But you have to sell the car, and if that is in CA, may not be easy. Furthermore, if it is not sold by the day of your departure, you may just have to pay someone to dispose of it.

    It is not all as simple as 'buy a car', 'sell a car'!


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