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    Hi all - probably been done to death but could really do with advice! Hubby and I flying in to San Fran 22nd October and flying out of Vegas on the 30th. We did plan 2 nights S/F and then drive for 3 days and spend last 3 nights in Vegas - but as not getting to SF until 6pm would only give us one full day. So is planning 3 nights in SF a good idea?
    So could have two nights to get to LV from SF - want to go through Yosemite - maybe Death Valley. Anyone got ideas as best places to spend these two nights and must sees - must do's.

    Any help is greatfully appreciated!

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    Default Tioga pass, open or not ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It really is a case of where you want to prioritise your time as there is no right or wrong answer. Perhaps 2 nights in Vegas ? You can certainly get from SF to Vegas with 1 overnight stop but it really won't leave much time for sight seeing in Yosemite and DV. One other thing to consider is that the time of year you travel [which is a wonderful time IMO] you are into the closure 'window' of Tioga pass [CA120] that crosses the Sierra's on route to DV. Because of the elevation of the pass it can close temporarily with a winter storm or ice and the first major storm can close it permanently untill the following May/June. Presuming it's open you could get an early start from SF and head to Yosemite valley for some sight seeing. With only a 1 night stop you could stay in the park and take the long drive next day to Vegas via DV if the pass is open, or continue towards Lee Vining/Bishop. If not you would have to go South via Bakersfield and around the mountains. DV might be a bit too much to do same day if so. With 2 nights you could spen the first in the valley and next day do a little exploring before heading over the pass and perhaps spend the second night in Bishop and continue through DV next day. With 2 nights you would also have the option of visiting DV if you had to go the long way around as mentioned. In that case you could spend night 2 around the Lake Isabella area. If it were I, I would make it a 2 night/3 day journey and enjoy the amazing scenery. You could always leave SF after lunch and head towards Yosemite for the evening. You should get there in about 5 hours.

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    hi -thanks for your feedback

    would you bother driving down to Carmel and spending a night there instead of the 3rd night in SF?

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    If you want to see the Carmel area, certainly, and if you have time, I'd probably take the coast road down there from SF. To get to Yosemite from there, you can take 101 back up to Gilroy, then 152 to 59 to Merced, then 140 to the park.

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    Default Definitely!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahmcg123 View Post
    Would you bother driving down to Carmel and spending a night there instead of the 3rd night in SF?
    It is definitely worthwhile (in my book). Monterey and Carmel both. I don't think you will regret it.


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