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    1st road trip with 5 and 6 y/o in Truck camper. Would specifically like to go to Crater Lake however im sure there is more to see in Oregon. Would like some route suggestions that go through Cali. Planning maybe 10days +/-.

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    There are several ways to go, depending on whether you desire the most scenic, also scenic, or the quickest. Through California you can go into LA (I-10) and then north, catching the PCH (CA 1, Pacific Coast Highway). It's gorgeous but slow, probably 3 days+ up to Oregon. You can also go I-10 to I-5, which is the fastest. Then there's I-10 to I-5 to CA 99, in which you are at the foothills on the west side of the Sierras. That leaves you open to go into Sequoia NP or Yosemite NP. Finally, you can take I-10 to I-15 north to US 395, and go up the eastern side of the Sierras. You could either go all the way up that through Lake Tahoe, Truckee, and eventually turn west towards Crater Lake. Or you can cross over Tioga Pass (assuming it's open when your trip will take place) from the east side of the Sierras through Yosemite, and get back to the west side before heading north. It all depends on what you want to see on the way up.

    As for things to see in Oregon - Oregon Caves off US 199 might interest your kids. Rogue River State Park. Klamath Lake.

    Recommendation: Get a good map of CA and OR, or an atlas, and see what's on the map that YOU might like. Then we can give you better recommendation. Those that I just gave, were off the top of my head from previous trips we've done.


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    Default You can't beat a good map

    Hi, and Welcome to the RTA Forums.

    As mentioned above, you cannot beat good maps as your first step in planning. If you are a AAA member, you can get them there - free! As you spot attractions on the map, be they natural or otherwise, use those key words in the forum search (on the green bar above) to find threads relating to that venue / attraction.

    When you have more of an idea as to which attractions you'd like to visit, and have some of your route laid out, feel free to come back here, and the experts will help you fill in the blanks and refine your route.

    Enjoy the planning, it is so much part of the trip. And getting the children involved, even at their age, they can have some input into what they would like to see / do. You could find that that will be most beneficial on the road, if they feel they have had some input into this trip.


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    With 10 days, I'd probably go from PHX to Crater Lake via an inland route - perhaps through the Grand Canyon and southern Utah parks, and return home via California. This way, the scenic pullouts along the PCH will be on your side of the road. Another option for the way up would be through the Sierras, seeing places such as Yosemite.

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