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  1. Default NY to AZ- What is the best route?

    Hey everyone! I'm planning for my roadtrip/relocation from Long Island to Arizona in September, and I'd like to hear some suggestions about the best route/attractions along the way. I'd like to get to my final destination within a week, and will most likely be driving by myself. Since I've already been to Indiana, Illinois and Ohio, I'd prefer not to go through those states. Where are some beautiful/interesting/yummy must visit places along the way?

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    Default Your input first.

    Hi, and Welcome to the RTA Forums.

    On RTA we really don't believe in 'must visit places'. So much depends on what your interests are. Your must visit, could be the next person's must by-pass.

    You have told us where you do not want to go, but not a great deal about where you do want to go. What are your interests and where are you heading to in AZ. There is almost a day's driving between the north east corner of AZ and the south west corner.

    Have a look round the forums. Use the search tool to find relevant threads, and check out the various functions on the green bar above... including the map centre and planning pages. When you have some spots on the map and more specific questions about places, feel free to come back and ask questions. Someone will be here to help you fill in the blanks and fine turne the route.


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    Default Indeed.

    Welcome !

    As Lifey mentioned, only you can decide what you consider to be the 'best' route and what 'must see' attractions for you as an individual. A good place to start would be the Map centre where you can do a radius search for attractions and build a route from what interests you. "Within a week", won't leave you a lot of 'wiggle' room as you are looking at possibly 5 days of driving while keeping things comfortable.

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