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    I am driving from Phoenix, AZ to Portland, OR. I am trying to avoid two lane roads, twisty roads, mountains, and generally any adverse road conditions. I appreciate that I should probably fly instead (and have seen similar posts making that recommendation), but my mom who will be my passenger loves roadtrips.

    I have tried to read all the posts on this route. Which is better given these parameters: I-10W/I-210/I-5 or U.S. 395 or is there a better option?

    I will be travelling in June 30 and returning July 3, and am planning to drive during the day.

    Would greatly appreciate any advise!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Since you are trying to avoid 2 lane roads, then sticking to the interstates is probably your best bet - with the I-10/I-5 route making the most sense.

    If you want to avoid some of the chaos of LA traffic, you could detour north on I-15 to US-395 to CA-58, rejoining I-5 on the other side of Bakersfield. That would only include a short stretch of 2 lane road that should be very easy for you.

    It is a drive that's about 1400 miles, so you should plan to make 2 overnight stops, so it would appear you are good there.

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    Thank you - I really appreciate it!

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    We did that same trip years ago...Phoenix to Seattle, though. We used I-10, I-210, and I-5. Though normally I keep a trip journal, I didn't that year because we were being flown out of Seattle on military transfer out of the Lower 48. I think we drove to central California the first day, and then to Portland the second day before making Seattle on the 3rd day. We were traveling with small children on their first long car trip, so we played it safe. (Ordinarily my husband would have tried to do it in 2 very long days.)


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    I am also travelling with a toddler :)

    Thanks for your reply!

  6. Default Portland to Phoenix

    I am driving roundtrip from Phoenix, AZ to Portland, OR. I am trying to avoid two lane roads, twisty roads, mountains, and generally any adverse road conditions.

    I have received great advise for my trip to Portland, going through California via this forum, but was wondering if there were any recommendations for an equally easy route going through Idaho and Utah for the route home (or vice versa)? We are trying to take our toddler daughter to all 50 states before she graduates!

    I will be travelling on June 30 and starting trip back on July 3, and am planning to drive during the day.

    Mod note] Please keep all questions about this trip in this thread. We have a one trip, one thread policy. Thanks.
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    This involves some 2 lane roads, but they are good roads.

    Take I-17 to Flagstaff, then US-89 to I-70 at Sevier UT. Take I-70 east to Salina, and continue on US-89 to I-15. Then take I-15 to I-84 to Portland. This is only about 90 miles and 2.5 hours longer than I-10/I-5.

    First overnight could be in Panguitch, Richfield, or Salina - then the second overnight could be in Twin Falls, Mountain Home, or Boise. If you wanted to take more time and do some great sightseeing, you will be going right by the Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam, Zion, Bryce Canyon, and the Great Salt Lake.

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    Thank you for the great information. Do you have any recommendations on whether to take this or the California route on the return trip, given that I will be travelling on the 4th of July holiday? (I will take the other route there.)

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    If the choice is between Richfield or Salina for an overnight, I highly recommend Richfield. It has more motel/hotel choices and more restaurants. We always stay in Richfield at the Quality Inn, when traveling that route. You can usually find a coupon in one of the motel coupon booklets (Roomsaver or Travel Coupon Guide) that you find at state visitor centers (or online, if you want to get the coupons before you go). The Quality has a nice outdoor pool and indoor hot tub, and is right next to a restaurant and an ice cream store.

    Salina only has 2 or 3 choices for motel/hotels and only the same in restaurants. We discovered that they were more expensive, too.


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