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    Default LV-SF-LA Loop

    Hi there,

    i`m also new to the site, although I`ve been reading a lot in the forums recently.

    So I`m planning a similar trip with a couple of friends and would like to ask if I`ve got it right and it could be done.

    Day 1 - arriving in Las Vegas and spending the night there
    Day 2 - Driving to GC and sleeping somewhere around it (Flagstaff?)
    Day 3 - Sunrise, exploring the GC and driving back to LV for the evening
    Day 4 - Heading to Death Valley, exploring it and sleeping in Bishop or around
    Day 5 - Driving to Yosemite and spending the day there. Sleeping outside the park - Sonora, Oakdale?
    Day 6 - Heading to Napa valley and spending the night there
    Day 7 - SF
    Day 8 - SF
    Day 9 - Driving along the coast on Highway 1 and spending the night at Santa Barbara
    Day 10 - LA
    Day 11 - Flying to Miami and continuing there

    Is the plan good time-wise? Will we be able to cover most of the interesting sites? It is our first time in the US and I really cannot be sure whether I`m planning realistically.

    Thanks a lot for the insight and feedback!
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    Default looks good

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you've done an excellent job of laying out a very good plan. I am assuming this is a summer/fall trip since you are planning to go over Tioga Pass (which is closed Nov-May/June).

    If you can afford it, I'd look at staying right at the Canyon or in Tusayan. It will cost more than Flagstaff or Williams, but it would be a big time savings (an hour+ each way) if you want to see the canyon over 2 days.

    Going down the coast, Santa Barbara is likely a bit too far for your overnight, you'd be better off staying around Cambria, Morro Bay, or San Luis Obispo at the farthest.

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    Another option for GC lodging would be the Cameron trading post just outside the east entrance. From Vegas you could enjoy some of the village area and Hermits rest viewpoints and make your way to Cameron early evening along Desert view drive. Next morning enter the canyon and stop along all the Desert view drive viewpoints back towards the village and back out the South kiosk.

    Near Yosemite, Groveland has some lodging options and if you don't mind a rustic feel, you should check out the Yosemite bug. Mariposa has quite a few options and this page has a few listings. Try and stay close to the park to give yourself time to look around some more next day before heading to Napa, it's an amazing place !

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    Thanks a lot guys!

    @Midwest Michael - will be traveling in summer indeed, 3 weeks starting last week of July. I will check Tusayan and the Cameron trading post as proposed by Dave, for the Canyon I`ve heard that it is very busy in this period. Thanks for the recommendation for the coast ride, I`ll have a look at these places.

    @Southwest Dave - I`ve read about the Yosemite bug here at RTA, but it is booked out. Think I also checked Mariposa, but will explore the link you`ve posted.

    I wasn`t sure if the time for sightseeing was enough, but now we can proceed with buying tickets and making reservations!

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