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    Myself and two friends are heading over from Australia to do the east coast at the end of August. We are planning on going from Boston to Miami in about 3 weeks.

    At this stage we are still deciding on whether to hire a car or bus/train our way down. Bus seems to be the cheaper option but i have heard greyground can be a bit dodgy, a friend told me a few stories, bags being stolen etc.

    We are thinking of stopping at the following places:

    New York
    Atlantic City
    Virginia Beach
    Daytona Beach

    Any city I missed? and does anyone have any other must see places along the way? Any suggestions of places to eat, stay, see etc are more than welcome.

    Thanks Josh

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    Hi Josh, and Welcome,

    Nothing dodgy about the Greyhound bus. It is not first class travel, but it is quite safe. As a female senior solo traveller, I did not have any problems when I travelled on them in several regions of the US, back in 2001 and 2004. Simply be on your best behaviour, and mind your own business. Whenever you can catch a train, they are quite good too. Check the Amtrak website.

    And when you get to Miami, I recommend you either take a tour or rent a car, and check out the keys. It is a unique environment, a lovely day's outing. If you are staying at a hostel, you will find that they have tours or can recommend tours into the Everglades. Definitely worth it.

    Lifey in Melbourne

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    Renting a car from Florida will be cheaper than renting a car from Boston and you'll be doing the drive with the sun behind you most of the time then. There will be drop off charges. Can't help you with bustravel.
    Miami-Cape Canaveral-Daytona-St. Augustine-Amelia Island-Savannah-Charleston-(Myrtle Beach) Wilmington-Outer Banks-Chesapeake Bay Bridgetunnel-Cincoteagea/Assateague-DC-Philly-NY-Boston. You'll need your three weeks with this trip. Agree with Lifemagician for Key West but it's not a daytrip from Miami and back. If you take this route deliver the car in DC and take public transport from there. Or if you start Boston don't p/u the car before DC. Atlantic City is not our favorite place but we are all different ;)

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