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    Default Suggested stops between Grand Canyon (North Rim) and Zion?

    It has been over 30 years since I was last at the North Rim, and the bulk of information on the Grand Canyon is for the South Rim.

    I'll be taking my family from So' Cal' to both Zion and the North Rim next month, and I'd like to hear suggestions on places to stop along the way and at the North Rim. Any spots of historical interest? Great family restaurants? Recommended gift stores?

    We're taking I-15 N to UT-9 and UT-59/AZ-389 on our way to stay in Kanab, UT, and we'll be stopping at Pipespring National Monument. We'll be spending 2 nights in Kanab. We'll stop by Zion on the way home.

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    Default A Lesser Traveled Southwest Road

    On your first leg, for history there's Calico Ghost Town (commercial), the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City and the Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas. While in the Vegas area be sure to go to at least one, if not both, of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Valley of Fire State Park, If the Valley of Fire makes your itinerary, also include a visit to the Lost City Museum. In St, George, UT there's Brigham Young's Winter Home.

    This brings me to one of the few warnings I've ever issued on these forums. A bit farther down UT-59/AZ-389 are two towns, Hilldale and Colorado City that straddle the state line. I do not recommend stopping here. These towns are isolated, cut off geographically in an area known as the Arizona Strip, and are seldom visited by outsiders. They are home to some very fundamentalist sects of break-away Mormons. Polygamy is not uncommon in this area, dress is extremely conservative, every one knows every one else, and you will stand out like a sore thumb. You will not be threatened for simply being there, but you will not be made to feel welcome in any sense. Just leave them alone and move on.

    Finally, as you head for the North Rim, there are Pipe Spring (as you noted) and Vermilion Cliffs National Monuments.


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    The area between Kanab and Page has some interesting sights. If you're willing to
    drive all the way to Page, you can stop by Antelope Canyon. There's upper and lower
    Antelope Canyon.

    I know you've seen photos of Antelope Canyon. They are slot canyons carved out
    by flash floods. If you go, do it mid day when the sun is overhead and the light
    reflects off the canyon walls. It's wonderfully photogenic.

    If you're willing to hike see if you can get a day permit to "The Wave". They
    have a daily lottery to the area, they restrict the number of people. I've never been
    there, but the photos are amazing.

    Another place are the Toadstools about 40 miles east of Kanab. It's a short hike from
    the road.

    One other amazing place is the Wahweap Wash Hoodoos. Check with the BLM office
    to find these places. The Wahweap Hoodoos are these fantastic towers of mudstone
    topped off by a weather resistant volcanic caprock. It's a bit of an adventure getting
    there though.

    Will you be driving through Zion at all? Sounds like you're bypassing Zion.

    I hope you have plenty of time to see some of these fantastic sights.
    Make sure you bring plenty of water, especially if you go hiking.

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    Thank you for the recommendations. I'd never even heard of Vermillion Cliffs before.

    We've decided to spend an extra night in Kanab so we can go to Grand Canyon on one day, Bryce the next, and through Zion on our way back.

    My wife and I will have our 4 and 11-year olds along with us, so we won't be hiking up the narrows or doing anything too strenuous. Pipespring NM has a junior ranger program, and that's one of the reasons we're stopping there. The kids will try for their badges at the National Parks, also.

    By the time we get to Vegas the kids will probably be more interested in the pool than in more parks, but I'll see what we can do about the Valley of Fire State Park.

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    Default Discoveries

    Quote Originally Posted by shirohniichan View Post
    Thank you for the recommendations. I'd never even heard of Vermillion Cliffs before.
    Neither had I, until I drove along that route.

    This is the beauty of the road trip, if you hasten slowly, you will find that you come across signs to attractions of which you have never heard, and which have not been mentioned here.

    Discoveries along the road are never ending. Go out, find them and explore them.

    Lifey who loves new places

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    I wish I had more time because I'd like to see the Toadstools.

    The kids will probably rather stop for penny-stretching machines in gift stores than hike 3/4 of a mile to see them.

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