Hey guys, whats going on? I pop in from time to time just to check out the site and just realized I had a video of my van. I have seen multiple people asking about conversion vans as campers and I figured I would share mine.

Just some info- The mid seats where taken out and are now used for fishing chairs on a lake ;-). All of the wood for cabinets was old scrap wood I gathered from friends and family as well as the paint. The mini fridge was given to me as well from someone who didnt use it anymore. The inverter cost $150 with a 2 year warranty from harbor freight tools. The van now has over 210,000 miles and runs strong. I am midway through a summer long road trip and will be hitting the west coast soon.


Also, for those who know the network, I have been doing couchsurfing as well and will be uploading interviews and my progress from my trip on my youtube channel, subscribe if you want! :-)