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    A friend and I are taking a road trip starting in Durango, CO and heading to San Fran. We're not really making any stops as the West Coast is our ultimate destination. Once we reach San Fran, we will take our time going North (we have about 11 days). My questions are: along this path what is worth seeing and what can be turned down? We are interested in a National Park or two, vineyards, beaches, and campgrounds. Also, any restaurants or tourist attractions worth checking out?

    We have about a month and a half to plan, and we are already both overwhelmed with the amount of options. Just looking for a way to narrow them down. Thanks!!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    First, I must say that I'm a bit surprised that you plan to just blow by Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Yosemite in your rush to get to San Francisco, and that presumably you'll just pass by similar natural wonders on your way home from Seattle. But be that as it may, you're first choice in heading north from San Francisco is to decide how to apportion your time between the coast and the mountains. There are plenty of great attractions along either, most notably the coastal Redwoods, beaches, Oregon Dunes NRA, and Olympic Peninsula; and the inland Napa Valley, Mount Shasta, Crater Lake, Mount Hood, Columbia River Gorge, Mount St. Helens and Mount Ranier. You pretty much can't go wrong in your choices, but for a little more in depth look at what's available to you have a read through these discussions.


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    Thanks for your reply! I'll definitely check out those threads. And unfortunately, we're "blowing through" that Southwest area because our deadline is a wedding in Seattle. We basically had to choose which area to take our time in, and which to just drive through and our decision was the Northwest. But I'll be taking time to see that area at a later date, no doubt! Thanks again!

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