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  1. Default No hills please!

    Help please,

    We're driving north on I 25 towards Cheyenne. Our RV is old and tired and just want get it
    back to Seattle. Do you have any advice as to the best route with the fewest
    hills. We chug up them at 20mph. I think Utah and Boise but my husband says Sheridan and Billings.

    Thanks for any info!

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    Default The "flattest" route is I-80

    You're going to need to cross the Rockies and the coastal mountains someplace, but Route #1 is by far has the lowest elevation gain. If you click on the link and look at the elevation graph you'll get an idea. You can also test a few more routes, although you'll probably find it easier to use the Map Center and waypoints to get the route to go where you want it too,

    Route #2 -- has less up and down, but the passes will still be higher...

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    Thanks so much for the advice

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    Default If it were me.........

    .....I'd probably hold my nose and go to the Sheridan/Billings I-90 route.

    Mind you I've never been out I-84 from Ogden, UT on west, nor have I been from Missoula over Lookout Pass into ID and WA on I-90. I have, however, been from Cheyenne to Park City, UT on I-80 and from Cheyenne to Sheridan and all the way to Missoula on I-25/90.

    Mark's "route #1 (I-80) involves about 100 miles of serious up and down to about Rawlins, at elevations running between 6,000' and 7,500' with one 8,640' pass. From Rawlins to Evanston is somewhat to very rolly-polly, especially from Rock Springs through Evanston into Utah.

    By contrast, the Cheyenne to Billings route, Mark's #2, has similar sections of long shallow grades interspersed with some flatter sections (relief you don't ever really get in Wyoming on I-80), and from Billings to Missoula you've got exactly 3 passes/high spots, where for 6-8 miles either side of the pass, or less, you're on a grade. The entire balance of I-90 in MT runs the valley of the Yellowstone River (Billings to Livingston), then the upper Missouri (Bozeman to east of Butte), then the Clark Fork River from Butte to Missoula and beyond to the foot of Lookout Pass at the MT-ID line.

    From map study, I-90 then crosses ID and eastern and central WA low with but Snoqualmie Pass between you and SeaTac.

    There's no wholly flat route, but my preference would be the I-90 route.


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    I-90 gets my vote too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    I-90 gets my vote too.
    Mine too. I remember it as a gentle interstate.

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