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    Hello folks. Im planning to move back to NY in June/July and I plan to do it in a week. I would like to make a few stops on the trip, and would like to know the best routes to avoid traffic, problematic cops, and predictable gas stops.

    I intend to go from LA to Moab(old friend there) for an overnite. Im thinking this is going to be a good 15 hr drive or so. Then from Moab to Colorado thru Denver to Kansas City. Maybe spend a few hours there. Go from Kansas City thru St Louis, and drive North to Chicago. Spend a day or 2 there(friends there) . From Chicago go thru bottom of Michigan and hit Cleveland for a day(or less). Drive from Cleveland and maybe go to Buffalo NY and see my cousin(if hes there), and drive thru NY state to end at NYC. If my cousin isnt home, Im thinking of going south from cleveland to Pennsylvania to NYC.

    Can this intinerary be done in 7 days. Im assuming of 12-15 hour driving days.

    Thanks for any advice and help!

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    Default Doable with tweaks.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your trip can be done in 7 days, but it's going to be a minimum of 5 days driving and 6 if you head to Buffalo. Trying to drive from Denver to Kansas for a "few hours" before continuing to Chicago is plain and simply put, unsafe and unwise. That's 1500 miles and just too much for 2 days so you really need to even out and rethink your stops. If you throw the trip from LA to Moab into the mix you have over 2200 miles in 3 days while visiting an old friend, it's just too much and that part really needs to become a 4 day journey.

    There are no 'best routes', but the quickest are the Interstates where you will have no problems finding gas. Problematic cops ? My advice would be to do less each day early in your trip so that you are not under pressure to speed, you are not tired so you start making silly mistakes that could become a danger to yourself and others and you will be fine. If you don't draw their attention by reckless behaviour, they shouldn't be a problem. ;-)

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You can certainly make the drive from LA to NYC in 7 days, and that amount of time will give you the chance to make a few fun stops along the way.

    However, it does not give you time to stop "for a day or two" at multiple locations along the way.

    The big problem comes from your assumption that you can drive 12-15 hours a day. You might be able to do that once, but doing it repeatedly will be exhausting to the point where you will not be able to safely operate a vehicle. That is significantly more than professional drivers are allowed to do - and for good reason. The ability to safely operate a car starts to drop off dramatically after the 8-9 hour mark, and by the time you get to 12 hours on the road, you are every bit as dangerous as a drunk driver.

    Really the most you should be driving in one day is 600 miles, and that's if you aren't making any additional stops along the way. LA to Moab, for example is about 750 miles and far more than we'd recommend, especially if traveling solo. Moab to KC is nearly 1000 miles, and should be 2 full days on the road if you are planning to spend some time in Denver.

    If you readjust your plans with that bit of safety in mind, you should do fine.

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