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    We are planning a trip from San Francisco through to Las Vegas and beyond, then returning to Los Angeles. This is the first time we have done such an RV trip and were wondering whether we needed to book the sites or whether places like Yosemite have plenty you can just turn up at. We will be travelling the first 2 weeks in October. Any advice on this would be apprieciated.

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    If you want to stay right inside Yosemite, it would be wise to make reservations. The number of sites within the National Park is limited. If you don't make reservations, you can likely find some place, but you could end up having to look for a site outside of the park and that could make for a rather significant commute from the valley to your site.

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    Default Nice !

    October is a wonderful time to travel in this area in my opinion, my favourite as it happens. As Michael mentioned, for popular places like Yosemite and other National parks [?] booking would be advised. There are less visitors at this time of year and you might find a place in the NP, but RV sites are limited in number. If you don't want to book up in advance and keep your options open, you will find places around the park if none are available inside, but it's just not the same as being in the heart of the NP.

    If you have any other questions regarding your itinerary etc don't hesitate to ask. We took an RV trip from San Fran in October that you can see here if you have the time or inclination, you might pick up a couple of tips or ideas as you go.

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    Thanks for the advice. I think I would prefer to stay in the parks so will book them up. I have just been looking at your report from your trip and the places sound amazing!! My rough plan at the moment is:

    San Francisco 2 nights
    Napa Valley 1 night
    Yosemite 2 nights
    Through Death Valley to Las Vegas (should we stop somewhere on the way?)
    Las Vegas 2 nights
    Bryce Canyon
    Lake Powell
    Grand Canyon

    I took these places off routes I found online. Not sure yet what route to take back from the Grand Canyon to Los Angeles. If you have any suggestions on this or any recommended places to stay I would apprieciate your advice. Thanks.

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    To enjoy the Tioga pass and Death valley you will need an overnight stop on the way to Vegas. You could add a night [recommended] or leave Yosemite soon after lunch and stop somewhere around or between the Mono Lake /Bishop area for what would have been night 2 in Yosemite.

    I would highly recommend an overnight at the Watchman campground in Zion NP and tour the canyon area via the free shuttle bus. From Zion to Bryce you will need to pay $15 to enter the Mt Carmel tunnel and wait a little while. This is so they can stop vehicles entering the other end because of your size of vehicle.

    From the Grand canyon you could head to Joshua tree NP for the night and finish the trip next morning. If you want to do it same day then it will need to be I40 to I15 and would be a full days drive.

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