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    hey, im Australian and are planning to go on an american roadtrip from California to New York, well thats the idea. i'm kind of new to this and would like some advice on anything and everything. thanks.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Really the only "advice" we can give at this time is to urge you to spend some time looking around this site, researching, and getting an idea what things you'd like to see. Also think about how you like to travel and what you'll have to work with in terms of time and money. This website is filled with things that can help you figure out many of those things.

    Once you've got more ideas about what your trip will look like, and once you've got some specific questions, we can provide some more individual help.

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    Default To vague at the moment.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You will find lots of info/ideas looking around the forums and road trip planning pages above and by studying a good map. When you have some thoughts/ideas put together and some specific questions we can help you to get the best from your trip.
    Right now though we know nothing of your interests, how long you have for the trip and when you are travelling. 'Fall and winter' is a time when certain areas or routes could affected by weather conditions.

    Have a look around and get back to us when you have some idea of what it is you want to see and for how long etc.

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    Default Anything and Eveything

    Josh, as Michael and Dave have already said, we just do not have enough information from you to give any meaningful advice. What I suggest you do is, get a good (preferably wall sized) map of the USA. I find the National Geographics one by far the best, and it is widely available in all capital cities, as well as online. Continue reading through the forums, using the keywords of towns, parks and other places of interest you see on the map. This will snowball as you read and learn about more and more places.

    When you have a bit of a list and route, come back here and the experts will help you refine your trip. But you have to put in the hard yards first. Enjoy the planning.

    Lifey in Melbourne


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